5 Tips For Saving Money On Prescription Drugs

Sadly, not all health insurance plans cover the full costs of prescriptions. In fact, most don’t. If you suffer from a chronic illness that requires regular or near-constant medication, finding ways to save on pharmaceutical products is essential. Following are five, simple tips for keeping your spending on prescription drugs under control. 1. Choose Your Primary And Supplemental Health Care Plans Wisely There are a number of important factors to consider when reviewing your options in both primary and supplemental {Read More}

Back To School Shopping Made Easy With Groupon and Walmart

Whenever I am looking for a discount on retail or fun things for my family to do, I always look at Groupon. I have found so many great deals and have save hundreds. With back to school not far away, Groupon will be my first stop when it comes to looking for deals and discounts. With living in a small town our main store option is Walmart and to be honest, I love Walmart because I can do all my {Read More}

Auto Insurance: Is It a Must Have?

If you have recently become the owner of a new car, you may be thinking about auto insurance and whether it is worth having or not. It is important to understand that the vast majority of states in America require drivers to at least have liability insurance. The purpose of this insurance is to ensure that a driver would be able to afford the cost of damages caused to another person’s car if they caused an accident. Although liability insurance {Read More}

7 Smart Ways To Make Money While You Travel

Living a remote lifestyle, traveling the world, and getting paid along the way is a dream for many. Imagine getting to see new places and learn about different cultures while your food, hotel, and transportation costs are paid for! Some people think it is out of reach and it only works for a few Instagram stars and scuba diving instructors. However, if you do a bit of research and have the drive to make money while traveling, it is certainly {Read More}

Battling Bad Credit By Being Smart

Bad credit is never an easy thing to live with. It can hang over your head for many years, stopping you from borrowing money and even signing up to things like telephone contracts. Most people don’t know what makes their credit rating whole, though. And, this makes it almost impossible to make a difference with it. To help you out, this post will be going through some information to help you through this process. From the aspects that change your {Read More}

It’s Not You: Dealing with the Financial Aspects of Divorce

Divorce is never a good time for anyone. For the couple who’s coming apart, finances may be the last thing in the world they wish to discuss. This is not an excuse to avoid the conversation. The end of a marriage can be the beginning of new money concerns. In the interest of smooth transitions from wedded bliss to singlehood, we are pleased to present a bit of advice about post-marital finances. Financial records and assets inventory As soon as {Read More}

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