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How To Find Great Schools Online

In today’s world, parents can shop for children via internet. In addition to searching for items like clothes and mobile devices online, you can use the internet to find the perfect school for your child. If you’ve never shopped for schools online before, don’t worry. The steps and strategies found in this quick reference guide will provide you with the information and advice necessary to make your online shopping experience simple and successful: 1. Choose The Right Keywords. Your first {Read More}

Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy Makes Learning Fun

This post may contain affiliate, I will receive a small commission when making a purchase through the link. I received the  Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy for review purpose all opinions on the product are my honest opinion on the product and others may differ. I am a pretty big fan of educational toys. I personally feel kids learn while they play and when they’re playing with educational toys or apps, they’re more likely to understand what they’re learning and tend {Read More}

A is for Android: Apps to Make Going Back to School Easier for Your Kids

It’s that time of year again. The summer sun is waning and the local schoolyard is calling. Time to get back to school. On top of that steady list of school supplies is a thing or two you can add to your child’s scholastic repertoire. There’s slowly becoming an App for everything and that includes Android apps for returning back to school. Let’s take a look at some Android Apps in categories that are going to make going back to {Read More}

10 ways to Foster Your Child’s Creativity

Is Your Child Gifted: Tips for Spotting the Signs of a High IQ

Parents can be very competitive. How often have you sat through a toddler group session where the mum next to you goes on and on about her child’s extraordinary talent, or read through yet another Christmas round robin letter listing endless achievements? But are these children truly gifted? Are yours? Wait and See? Most schools do not start to look for signs of giftedness in children until at least second grade. Perhaps you can just wait and see what the {Read More}

We Need More Matt White’s In This World

We live in a world were we continue to be divided by race. Instead of coming together as one race, we like to point blame. I don’t know how many times over the past few months I have watched as the races pointed fingers at one another. I also unfriended someone I considered to be a friend because of the opinions of this race war going on. I mean we’re all entitled to our own opinions and how we feel {Read More}

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