Could These Hidden Triggers Be Worsening Your Anxiety?

When living with anxiety, you get to know your illness pretty well. You probably have a fair idea about what makes you anxious most often, and what calms you when you’re struggling. But, it’s possible that some aspects of your anxiety remain a mystery. Many sufferers experience increases of anxiety for seemingly no reason. In many ways, this is even harder to deal with. When there’s an obvious cause, there’s a clear solution. But, what do you when you don’t {Read More}

Helpful Tips in Overcoming Your Anxiety

Anxiety no longer has to be an irritating condition that tries to control you and your life. You can fight back by helping to manage it. How do you do that? What Are Some Working Tips To Manage Anxiety & Stress In Your Life? When you start to feel anxious or stressed out, there are strategies, which can help you cope successfully. What are these strategies? They are no other than some of the following. They are: Decide on a {Read More}

Qualm Before The Storm – 4 Unexpected Ways Anxiety Can Damage Your Health

Nobody wants to develop and anxiety disorder in their life. It could completely change the way you see the world and leave you feeling scared and disillusioned. If that ever happens, you must identify the issue and speak to a doctor as soon as possible. Left untreated, anxiety can stop you from achieving your goals and leave you without any friends. There are lots of medications and treatments available that could make a massive improvement. However, there are lots of {Read More}

The Surprising Ways That The Internet Can Improve Your Anxiety

Anxiety can be a silent struggle. For many anxiety sufferers, even their friends and family may not know the extent of the problem. Anxiety can be a difficult condition to describe or discuss because it often inspires guilt or shame in the sufferer. Many people dealing with anxiety have been told to “get a grip”, “man up”, or even to stop “attention seeking”. Labels and ignorance like this can do a lot of damage in both direct and indirect ways. {Read More}

Good Days and Bad Days

I wish they had a cure for every issue known to human. I have good days and I have bad days. I have never kept is a secret on the site that I have bad anxiety. My anxiety issues are extreme on some days, and on others I am perfectly fine. I have been diagnosed with both PTSD and Social Phobia. Most times I will not leave the house unless I have my husband or daughter with me. Going to {Read More}

Anxiety, How Do You Deal With It?

I have been dealing with anxiety for a long time now. Anxiety is one of those disorders that’s no fun to have. You are always wondering and worrying, and it is like there is no escape. No matter what you do, those thoughts are still there. The first anxiety attack I remember was when I was 8 years old. My parents divorced when I was real young, and we were bounced back and forth from one parent to the other. {Read More}

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