WELCOME TO MONSTER HIGH Blu-Ray Combo Giveaway 5 Winners

Tomorrow September 27th Monster High will be releasing a new DVD Welcome to Monster High. Synopsis: Monsters once lived in hiding—even from each other—because they were afraid they would be in danger if humans knew they existed. But Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula, along with her best ghoulfriends, dreamt of a school where everyone was welcome and accepted for who they are. Determined to make their dream come true, the ghouls travel the world on an epic adventure to recruit {Read More}

Healthy Back to School Recipes From Great Expressions Dental Centers

With school back in session it’s super important that our children have healthy after school snack options. Giving healthy snacks not only recharges your children after a long day of school, but it keeps them away from the sugary snacks that take a toll on their teeth. Great Expressions Dental Centers want your child to get the fuel they need in a healthy way and a way that will not sacrifice their pearly whites. Below you will find 3 great {Read More}

Nathan’s Famous Celebrating 100 Years

How many of you love a good  hot dog every once in awhile? Slap em on the grill or roast them over an open fire. It doesn’t matter to me how they’re cooked as long as I have my ketchup, mustard and relish on them. One thing about the hot dogs though, is you really can enjoy them several different ways. In our home we like our regular Summertime hot dog with ketchup, mustard and relish. The fall months we {Read More}

Get Ready To Laugh Until You Cry, Bad Moms Releases July 29th, 2016

For the past month my daughter has been talking about wanting to see Bad Moms and the past few weeks a friend has been doing nothing but talking about the upcoming movie Bad Moms, if you watch the trailer below you will see what all the fuss is about, this looks like it will be one of those movies where you laugh so hard you cry! Bad Moms will be released in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 29th. It’s brought {Read More}

Check Out Boulder Canyon’s Backyard BBQ Line

I received product for sharing the new line of Boulder Canyon products. Summer is almost here, living in the South summer tends to start early for us and that means time for those Summertime BBQ’s! Boulder Canyon’s has a new and unique line of potato chips, their Backyard BBQ line is perfect for those Summertime gatherings. This unique line features three different varieties that will go perfect with any Summertime dish. These new flavors include: Grilled Brat – Is a {Read More}


My daughter is a big fan of Monster High, she has been collecting them since 2012 and has a very nice collection. Whenever the new Monster High Movies come out, she is usually wanting those as well. The current Monster High movie that just came out on March 22, 2016 is MONSTER HIGH: GREAT SCARRIER REEF (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) MONSTER HIGH: GREAT SCARRIER REEF (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) is available on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD March 22 {Read More}

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