The Price Of Cigarettes

I woke up this morning to it raining like there was no tomorrow. Already going to be a crappy day I can tell. So I get ready to go get my husband some cigarettes. And my niece texted me that the bags of tobacco have done went up to 46 a bag hrmm shes got to be kidding me. That’s just ridiculously insane since all that crap just went up 2 weeks ago. I am sure glad I quit smoking almost 4 months ago. I add up the prices a bit and if you really stop and think about it buying tubes and tobacco is not much cheaper then just buying the darn cigarettes. I mean come on something has to give. The economy is bad so what are they going to do there going to raise the price of cigarettes and make it hard for those smokers who lost there job to smoke. Smart one….

I could really go on and on about this whole ordeal because that’s how I am you get me started on something and I will go on and on trying to state my point. I mean this is really a stupid move on whoever was trying to be smart. Do they not realize they keep raising prices people will start quitting. And if the smokers stop smoking then guess what there goes millions of more jobs because they will be closing tobacco plants. And the farmers who grow tobacco will lose money. Although insurance rates will go down, but doctors will lose money because the “smokers” who had to quit wont be getting sick so they wont be going to the doctor. But hey the United States knows what its doing. I mean look at all the jobs we ave lost already. But yea I’m going to get off my high horse now. Thanks for listening to my rant.

I love the thinking of the United States.

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