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Yup that’s right I am pissed off and instead of doing several posts on why I am so pissed. I’ll say it how it is right here. So if you wanna hear about this pissed off momma then pull up a seat and take out your reading glasses you maybe here awhile.

So first off we have been having a new mail carrier lately and it seems we are not getting all of our mail. She has only been doing it for the past week and usually everyday my mailbox is FULL of some freebie I ordered from online of what not. Now I am not even getting my sales papers. I am not to happy. And to top it off she don’t run out here until after 6pm sometimes. We live only 3 miles from the post office so yea. But anyways that’s not even the main thing that pisses me off that’s just a small thing that leads to the big thing.

Now second my internet. I live in a some what small town and we have a local phone/cable company. And noone else is allowed in this area so they can rip off the consumer and get away with it. Yea I am talking about Bigriver I pay 92 dollars a month for DSL which also includes the phone line that I do not use. Yup you read it right 92 flippen dollars a month for DSL and I think they have it shared. They like to lower the speed thinking I won’t notice. Then when I call and bitch they are telling me its on my end and to do this and that. And this again. I do all there crap and still it works like crap. So they send in a support ticket and guess what all of a sudden it works. What a mircle get on the phone call bigriver and BAM it works. “SMH” So today it took me over 4 minutes to load google yup a image on a page so I call them and there wanting me to do this and that again. I told him straight up I am not doing anything everytime this happens they try to say it is me when it isn’t me. Well he sent a ticket it in and sure enough less then 5 minutes later it was fixed. BIGRIVER LEAVE MY SHIT ALONE I PAY YOU ENOUGH TO EAT ALL THE BANDWIDTH I WANT. Yea and don’t forget the fact when I hook the line directly into the modem I see all these other computers. I asked about this they was suppose to look into it and call me back well they never did and it is still saying all them people are hooked through my connection I may have to call and bitch some more. You know what that maybe what is slowing me down.

They was suppose to have cable internet out here about 5 years ago. Everytime I call all I hear is another 6 months. It has been 6 months forever now. Go figure I will be glad when Millington Phone company gets bought out by the big boys. At least our bills will get cheaper.

Now third I have a laptop and I do not like the laptop mouse so I have a regular small optical mouse. And guess what I have been through 4 in less then a year yup 4 there all junk. This last one I got I figured it would last it has a heavy cord unlike the retractables hahah this one lasted 2 months at the most. I am so sick of wasting money on pieces of crapola. Now are you ready for the main thing that pisses me off and all the garden dying stuff that dont even make me that mad, but what really and truly pisses me off is this….

Hypercrits piss me off more then anything. And liars piss me off. And thieves piss me off. Now here is the thing. I home school my daughter. I love her being home with me I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well anyways when I first decided to home school I searched the net and I found a home school group in my area. I sent in a request to be in there “group” well guess what I have noticed even though we age some people still act like there in flippen school with there damn clicks. Grow up people guess what its ok to have more then a few people you chat with. It’s ok to be friends with the fat girl ain’t no one gonna make fun of you. So anyways a lady in the group befriend me and was wanting me to go to these gatherings. She said it really helps and such. Well I was just getting into it and I got in a group that is like all “church this and church that” no big deal I do not judge. I figure to each there own.

But anyways we met at a coffee place here in town and we chatted for a few hours and I was actually liking it. She was talking about her beliefs and such and as soon as I told her mine and my husbands she changed her tune about me. She was talking about halloween and it being the devils holiday and blah blah blah. GUESS WHAT HALLOWEEN IS NOT THE DAMN DEVILS HOLDAY. Sometimes when people start there shit I wanna point them to google and have them look up all there facts before they open there mouths and start judging. I have nothing against those who are true followers of jesus christ. I do however have a problem with those who go to church and act as if there shit don’t stink and try to judge you for not going yet they live in sin everyday.

I do not claim to be perfect in anyway. I have my flaws but who is anyone to judge me when they ain’t no better. I once had a lady come up to me in the store when I let the F word slip. She handed me a pamplet to goto her church. Her husband is the preacher there. Well she started to preach to me in the store asking me if I new where I was going if I died tomorrow. And I looked her in the face and I told her YES I know where I am going I am going to heaven to be with all those I have lost in the past. She asked me if my daughter new who God was. Yup she does we talk to God often in my home. I don’t need to go to church for God to know I talk to him.

She told me I needed to consider going to church and I told her like I am telling ya’ll. I do not feel I have to go to a place to talk to God I can talk to God while I am driving down the road. In the bible doesn’t it say “Thou shalt not judge”. I also told her a lot of the churchs are filled with hyprocrits and guess what she agreed with me. She told me there are a lot of people who go to church and are sinners and are going to hell.

So if they can have people going to Gods house but still going to hell can’t they have people who stay in there own home and worship there God and go to heaven. The churchs just don’t make since to me. So anyways back to where I was talking about this lady. After I met her I tried to get help through the group with a few matters guess what NOT ONE person offered to help me. And she is friends with them all they goto church together. She is also the main mod of the freecycle group I am in and she knows it is me so alot of my wanted ads do not make it through. So anys my point to all this is …


And I may get bashed for this little rant but guess what I have one judge and thats God.

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