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I was recently informed of a site called Fresh Deals. As you all know I LOVE getting deals, and I often shop the clearance racks at my local stores. However some times the things I am really looking for I can not find at my local store. So I shop for it online.

But here is the thing. When shopping online you can not ask questions about an item you want to purchase. Fresh Deal offers you that option. Now not only can you ask questions about certain products they also show you where you will get the best deal. Hence the name “fresh” deals.

Still wondering what fresh deals is all about? is a new kind of comparative shopping website. Not only do we tout some of the best products from the world’s leading merchants, but we enhance that experience by providing a forum for users to ask and answer questions about those products – making it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for.

So I decided to check out fresh deals to see what all I could find. My first was for “Hp Netbook”, as you all know I really want to get my daughter a netbook for Christmas and well I am a sucker for HP products.

There are several questions about different netbooks. Some of the questions range from the ability to upgrade RAM to traveling. Than there is a nice selection of Hp netbooks starting with best price to highest price. This was a great feature because all the netbooks I have found around here are close to 300 to 400 range. Using fresh deals search I found one for $199 at

Not real sure what you want to search for? Well that’s fine as well because they have their site broke down into Categories. Just click a area of interest and browse around some.

Not only can you get answers to questions you have, but you can also give answers to other peoples questions. is like a one stop shop to your internet buying needs. They list best price deals as well trying to answer the questions you have the best they can. Not to bad if you ask me.


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    Thanks for the info I am going to check it out!

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