Funniest Gillian

Gillian is ALWAYS coming up with off the wall things to say. So I have decided to make a post just for her craziness.

“Mom I do not think Santa has elves. I think he buys it all.” -Gillian

“That darn hillbilly” -Gillian (She was talking about Grandpa he sent her a birthday card and told her he loved her, this was her response)

“Look mom, I have sillyitous, I got it from Grandpa” -Gillian

“Mom when I turn 18 will you teach me to knit” -Gillian (I have no clue how to knit)

“Mom there was a ladybug there, you have to be more careful with nature.” -Gillian

“You better mind me I am older then you I think” -Gillian (talking to the cat)

“What they do make this only for adults to open” -Gillian “Yes its Child Proof” -Mom “How do they know its a child trying to open it” -Gillian “LMAO” -Mom

“Made in China, oh China knows High School Musical too.” -Gillian

“I thought if you was fat the baby would have more room” -Gillian

“My dad is not my favorite parent. It wouldn’t be fun to have just dad. He would only play the PlayStation and he would make me be his slave it wouldn’t be fun” -Gillian (note I found on paper)

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  1. I think he buys it all! LOL
    Smart girl. :)

  2. Some times I think she is older then 8 with the things she comes up with. I will add more as she says them. :)

  3. Melissa Erickson says:

    I love how the thought of Santa is completely believable but the thought of elves is silly. Kids have such interesting and funny thoughts.

  4. She is not easily fooled. She has not believed in Santa in awhile. She tells me often she thinks santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy. etc is her dad and I. I try to say "Yea right like we can afford certain things" Then she will sit there with a puzzled look. I think deep down she knows the truth hah.

  5. CA Monkey Momma says:

    These are TOO funny!! Especially the childproof thing! LOL

    • Yea she is something else, she has said so much more since this post, but I am not that great at keeping up with things like that!

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