Free Sample of Ex-T-Cee from Pure Romance

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Pure Romance by Desteny is offering the first 25 people to friend her on FaceBook and to ask her HOW TO GET FREE PURE ROMANCE STUFF will get a free sample of Ex.T.Cee.

What is Ex.T.Cee you ask?

After a long day are you too tired or just ‘not in the mood’? Pure Romance’s heighteners are topical arousal creams designed to increase blood flow, sensitivity and sensation. Ex-T-Cee was created for women to increase the likelihood of achieving an orgasm.

This edible arousal cream is designed specifically for a woman.Ex-T-Cee is formulated with a ‘pleasure tingle’ mint compound, which acts as a cooling stimulant, causing greater sensation and sensitivity to the clitoral area.Great for oral favors.

Recommended heightener for first-time users.

Did I mention it comes in strawberry and cotton candy. So not only will this benefit you (wink) it will also benefit your special someone.

You could also head on over to Pure Romance by Desteny and order a 1oz. bottle for $13.00.

psss you find it under arousal creams. :)

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  1. Is this offer still available!

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