Gillian Grounded…

So last night after Gillian was done with all her school work, I decided I would let her get on the computer. So she gets all excited I go into the bedroom to turn on her computer and guess what its broke. UGH So when daddy comes home I have him look at it and it seems the power supply has went south. Gillian is not to happy right now. Daddy says looks like God wanted her to be grounded longer. All because of Pixie Hollow.

I let her get on Pixie Hollow on my computer, if I didn’t I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Gillian says looks like I lost my computer because she thinks she will be on it all the time hah, she needs to keep dreaming.

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  1. simply_unique says:

    aww poor thing lol..I let the kids get their laptops back JUST for the weekend and you would think it's Christmas here they are so happy SMH! Kids Have IT BAD!

  2. Uh oh! I have a hard time sharing my computer with DH! No fun! lol

  3. Well, her computer is old so, I told DH at taxes I am gonna see about getting me a better laptop and passing this one down to her. She likes being mobile anyways.

  4. That is very funny. Kids always assume. Hope her computer gets fixed soon.

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