I wanted to address this…

I deleted this comment from the place it was posted, because it did not belong there. It was against the rules on that post, but I wanted to address the issue.

rosannepm has left a new comment on your post “Inspiring Hope gift pack Giveaway”:

I read your “about me ” part and you say My grammar, spelling, and punctuation placement sucks” How is it you are able to home school your daughter? Teachers are educated to do that. Sorry but children deserve the best chance possible.

First off let me say this, how I decide to educate my child is my husbands and my business. I do not tell others how they should educate their children and I do not expect others to tell me how I should educate my child. My daughter is doing awesome in her learning, she is reading, writing and spelling at a higher level then the public school children. She is doing 3rd grade math in second grade. Just because my grammar bites does not mean I can not teach my child. When she was born I never received a manual on how to care for her, but she has no broken bones so I guess I am doing a pretty good job.

Secondly, are teachers really educated to do that? Explain how a teacher taught for 17 years without knowing how to read, write or spell? This teacher even graduated from college. The story can be found here. So even though “teachers” go to college does not mean they are educated to teach. It only means they graduated from college. You know my father graduated from high school in 1978, guess what he didn’t know how to read either.

It is funny how you make the remark “Children deserve the best” look at the countless of children that die at the hands of their parents. I guess someone should have told the little sperm that children needed the best when it was fertilizing the egg of someone who was going to kill the innocent child later down the road.

30+ students to 1 teacher who went to college and has a degree, but has been proven you can get through college without knowing how to read, or 1 child and 1 mother who admits her grammar stinks. I’ll go for the 1 on 1. If I thought my daughter would get a better education at the public school I would go for it, because yes children do deserve the best.

So please pull out the spell checker and grammar punctuation checker and tell me every little comma (,) i should have had or miss placed. I know my child is getting a good education even with all my little grammar blahs. :)

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  1. Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    Don't let her/him get under your skin. How your daughter is educated is YOUR business.

  2. I didn't want this person to think I was trying to avoid the question or the issue. I love how small minded people are, it was a very uneducated remark they made personally. I guess they knew nothing about Abe, or any of the other famous people who was not educated by teacher.

  3. Yes, people can be so petty can't they? That is really wrong of them to treat you like that! My mom can't balance a check book but I was homeschooled and learned pre algebra from teaching myself the books she bought. This was in 5th grade! I went to public high school, but it still shows that you don't have to know it to teach it :)

    Anyways, I have good news! I have an award for you on my blog!

  4. Yes don't let that bother you! Someone is always going to be out there to vilify someone else. If you think and feel what you are doing is best than awesome job Mom!!! :)

  5. CznyDesigns says:

    you go girl!! You teach your child, children learn from everywhere, not just "smart people that graduated college", you keep doing what you are doing, i am sure your daughter will grow up a very educated smart girl

  6. tiff snedaker says:

    That was a great post. Good for you for sticking up for yourself. You definitely know what is best for your child and it sounds like you are doing a dang good job. ((HUGS))

  7. Melissa Erickson says:

    This person implies that teachers are perfect and never make any error in spelling and grammar. I find this very funny.

    For years my daughter Nicole has come home all excited to tell me about all of the mistakes her teachers have made. I have also had to teach my daughter that it embarrasses her teachers when she corrects them.

    Teachers are not perfect.

  8. Melissa you are so right. I see on my nieces facebook all the time how she is making fun of the COLLEGE books and all their grammar errors.

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