Making your own Pinata

Last year I made my daughters pinata for her birthday. I was a bit upset because we didn’t get to use it. We live in the country and we had mice bad and lets just say the mice found it and destroyed it. Decon works wonders :) No more mice in this house.

Would you like to make a pinata for your next special event? Well I will tell you how I made my daughters.

What’s Needed…

2 Big Cereal Boxes
Elmer’s Glue
Tissue Paper
Picture of Choice.
News Paper

First thing you want to do is take your news paper and rip it into strips. I had some that I cut but I found it works better when you just rip it. Now that you have your news paper ready let’s get the boxes ready. I went and cut the back out of both boxes. I left room at both the top and bottom. I then taped the boxes together so it made them easier to work with. Make sure you secure something on the top so you can hang it later. We used an old cord.

After you have everything ready to go, now you can mix up some flour and water to make a glue base. Take a strip of paper dip into your glue base and then place it on the boxes. Continue this until you have the whole box covered. Then set aside to dry. I let mine sit over night. Then I went and did another layer of paper. Again let sit another 24 hours. I did this process 3 times to make sure it would be sturdy, and of course to make the kids work a bit harder for their candy.

After you have the box covered in news paper and dried, you can now start to think about how you want to make it look. Base the characters with the color of tissue paper. Since I did littlest pet shop I went and used pastel colors. I took the tissue paper and cut into strips then cut strips into those strips to give it a nicer look. Make sure to glue your pictures on the pinata first that way you can use your tissue paper to cover up the edges of the pinata.

Make sure and let the birthday child help with this project. I had my daughter help me she loved it.

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