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I am not a Dr. Phil fan. However, I will keep my opinions about him to myself. I did watch the episode of Stay at home moms vs. working moms. I was disgusted with the whole show. I personally feel it should be the “parents” decision if one should stay home or not.

I know several moms who would LOVE to stay at home and be full time moms, but some things in life just do not play out how we want them too. As I was watching the show, someone made a comment that a mother who works is selfish. Hrm I am still trying to figure out how going to work to support your children and make sure they have a good life is selfish.

I could say the same about home schooling your children vs. sending them to public schools. Wouldn’t this mom be selfish for sending her children to “public” schools? She talks about how if you do not have time for your children then maybe you should take a pass. Who the hell is this lady to say who should have children and who shouldn’t? I know several moms who work and work while their children are in school. What does this mom do while her kids are in school? Bad mouth and judge others.

There are several pros and cons to both staying at home and working. Just like, there are several pros and cons to home schooling. Not every person is the same and all have different opinions as well as different views on this topic.

Just because one CHOOSES to stay at home or to go to work DOES NOT, make them no more or no less of a mother and/or father. I have been both a stay at home momma and a working momma. I love being a stay at home mom, BUT if I knew we was struggling and my husband was under a lot of stress, I would go get work and help provide for my family. It would be SELFISH of me to let my husband carry the hardship of our family.

My daughter has made a few comments to me that kind of was upsetting. She is eight and stated she was not having kids when she got older because she had to work and make money. She said if she had kids, the dad was going to stay home and take care of them, because she was not going to have time. I have since educated my daughter on this topic and I let her know she can still work and raise a family. However, I am happy that my daughter wants to be independent. She has also stated she does not want to have a family when she gets older because they are too much work. Life in general is hard work.

Nothing in life is easy and no matter what we decide to do go to work or stay home one of the most important things is to all ways let our children know we love them and we are proud of them. We need to teach our children to be strong, independent, and respectful individuals.

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  1. I agree with everything you said!
    And funny thing is that when I was 8 years old I thought the same way your daughter does now. I never wanted kids because they were so much work. But wow did I change my mind!
    Great post! Yes, my favorite quote from it was "life in general is hard work" AMEN!

  2. Sometimes people need to look at the bigger picture of life. No one is the same. If life was easy it would get boring fast.

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