Thank You Frito Lay

So as you all may recall the issue we had with Tostito Salsa, well after Tammy had called me and told me the issue and how they was resolving it, she also asked if it was okay for them to send vouchers for my family to go to a nice place to eat.

I told her that was up to the Frito Lay Company if they wanted to or not. She said she would be mailing us out some vouchers so we could go out and enjoy a nice meal. (She must have tasted my cooking or something LOL) Anyways, this is funny because I got to thinking about it, and I had not seen no mail from Frito Lay, figured they had changed their mind or just forgot all about it.

My daughter and I had some errands to run today so as we was off I guess UPS showed up and my husband is not too good at answering the door. So we get back and as I am sitting here I told my husband we had not got nothing from Frito Lay, he said it was probably still on it’s way.

Well our daughter was out taking pictures when she comes in with a package. The UPS guy put it under my husbands shoes so it was not noticeable thank goodness my daughter seen it. But anyways I open it up and find, a letter from Frito Lay, and something else. My mouth drops, I look at my husband and I say “you are not going to believe this”

This is what I found…

$100 Visa gift card. I was speechless. My daughter made the remark “this is going to change our whole life” She was pretty tickled. Even though it will not change our whole life it does help us A LOT. This money was spent on Christmas presents for the adorable little girl in that picture.

I love when a company takes proper actions to assure things like this do not happen again. I can honestly say the ladies I spoke with from Frito Lay was very nice, most people I have spoke with in customer service was rude. So, not only does Frito Lay have yummy products, they also have great customer service.

Disclosure that 100$ gift card was not to write this post. If you have read my other Frito Lay posts you will see what it was from. Everything I have written in all 3 posts have been nothing, but honest.

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  1. Wow what awesome customer service!

  2. The ladies were higher up the CS area, but I was a customer and they was very sweet and not hateful like some in the field.

    I have talked to some who were down right hateful like if was a sin because they had to do their job. Not with Frito Lay, they made sure the issue was addressed and they did so rather fast. I love seeing that with company, specially bigger company that have great brands we all love. Like Tostito's.

  3. ya know, that is really great that they took good customer service seriously. Give you renewed faith in big corporations like that.

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