Why I hate Doctors

Finally after many years of trying too get my husband to go see the doctor he goes. Only to find out he has blood clots in his legs. Instead of sending him to the hospital to get an ultra sound done they have him come back. So, he pays 30 bucks our co pay on Saturday to go back 6 days later too get an ultra sound and have to pay another 30 dollars.

Well, when he was there on Saturday the Dr. gave him a script for loratabs 5s. Said he knew it was probably painful gave him a script for 30 with no refills. My husband works on concrete floors the tabs lasted about 6 days. So I call the Dr. Saturday 8 days later and ask if there was anyway they could call him in a script. The lady said he would have to come in for a re checkup. WTF he has done gave them 60 bucks in a week. Now in order to get more pain meds for blood clots in his leg they need another 30 bucks to recheck. I was pissed. I told the lady the clots didn’t just up and go away…

But anyways she put me through to the Dr’s nurse well I have yet to hear anything back.

Same Doctors office a few weeks prior I am being seen for depression. Well my teeth have been bothering me BAD Dr says I have a sinus infection gives me some antibiotics and sends me on my way. Now it is almost 2 weeks since I have been done with the antibiotics and guess what pain is worse. I can’t function I get maybe 2 to 3 hours a sleep at a time. Nothing seems to be taking the pain away.

As soon as the office opens in the morning I am going in, and if they do not give me nothing for the pain. I am going to go crazy on them.

How the F*** can dealers get pills, but someone in real pain can’t get shit but a huge bill? I am getting fed up. My pain is worse then child birth. I have tried everything, clove worked for a short time, ice a tad better, salt water, Ibuprofen, you name it I probably tried it. Sinus pills, steam, nothing is working and the pain seems to be getting worse. So after I go see the Dr tomorrow that makes 90 bucks within a week and a half. That’s is BS. When you pay to be seen for something they shouldn’t beable to charge you again for the same damn thing…

Sorry for my rant I am in pain and having a hard time dealing with it…

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you are in pain Jammie, tooth pain is awful!

  2. Thank You and the doctors are quacks

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