Robin Hood 702

This morning as I was trying to go back to bed after rushing to the bank to deposit money so my checking account would not over draw I heard about Robin Hood 702.

You many be wondering who the hell Robin Hood 702 is, well he is an amazing person. He has families in debt submit videos/stories to his website. Then he will go through those and pick a family he wants to help, probably the one in the most need. He then flies them to Vegas where they will be treated like high class. While they are their “Robin Hood 702” will play the tables anything he wins goes to the family. IF he does not win that weekend he still pays half of the families debt.

I love how finally someone with the means to help those struggling are doing so. Dr. Schulze was so touched by the movement he, himself has also offered to help one family. Hopefully others with the means will also step up to the plate and start doing what our government should have been doing years ago. Kudos to Robin Hood 702 and Dr. Schulze.

If you are in debt and need help go submit your video. You can hear more about the story on Fox News.

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