Educational Insights GeoSafari DuoVision Review

With home schooling Gillian we have to purchase all the materials ourselves. Which is not really a big issue. A lot of activities we do we can print from the web, or we have certain materials laying around the house. For instance math work sheets. They have tons of great websites that I get my Math Worksheets from. Or while doing arts and crafts, we have glass jars, newspapers, magazines, and other odd and end items we can scoop up and be creative with.

However, when it comes to Science, for Gillian to get a real hands on experience we need a Microscope and Telescope. With her being in 2nd grade an extremely powerful one is not needed. She can get the basic idea of what we are doing and she can play with it all she wants.

So when I was approached to do a review or giveaway for one of 4 different stores. Although, I really wanted to review Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown, after hours of searching Toys and Games Online I thought the Insights GeoSafari would be awesome for Gillian.

View everything from a microbe to the moon! See small things magnified 50x, 150x, or 250x. Attach the telescope tube to convert DuoVision into a 15x telescope, bringing distant objects up close.This complete science kit includes:

  • Three interchangeable microscope eyepieces (50x, 150x, and 250x)
  • One prepared slide
  • Two blank slides
  • 10 specimen covers
  • One pair of plastic tweezers
  • All stored in a convenient accessories box


  • GeoSafari DuoVision
  • Microscope is equipped with a two-way light
  • Grades 2+ / Ages 7+
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ H x 9.1″ W x 12″ D

When the Microscope first came, I opened it all up and we played with the telescope. What I liked about the telescope is that it hooked to the base of the Microscope. This made it easier for Gillian to handle. I focused it and I zoomed in on a bird sitting on the phone line. I was pretty impressed with the clarity of the bird at the other end. Gillian also takes and looks at different things from a distance. This is not real powerful, but it is a starter for her learning adventures. There wasn’t nothing bad that I found from the Telescope. Like I stated it is not that powerful, but it works great for Gillian.

The Microscope we had fun with as well. It comes with a cloth slide. But we wanted to see BLOOD. So I of course poked my finger so we could see all the molecules of my blood. Gillian was amazed. She even picked a booger and brought me the microscope so I could see her boogers up close. LOL. My thoughts of the Microscope are the same as the Telescope, they are not that powerful, but for a second grade home schooler they work great. I am trying to find out where I can buy the light bulbs from. I do not need any as of yet, but I like to have items like that on hand so when they go dead we can replace them.





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