It seems the new year has brought many more scammers. I have one email I use to enter all the giveaways in for this reason. In the past week I have won several millions of dollars a day. I must be pretty damn lucky. Good thing for me I am not THAT stupid.

Do people still fall for these scams? The UPS sent me one saying I am owed 1.6 million from their company. PFFT… please we all know Fedex is the way to ship LOL. Just kidding UPS I don’t ship Fedex either I ship USPS only because it is more convenient for me.  :)

For the people out there that still fall for these types of scams PLEASE do not. I understand when you get an email from someone dying of cancer and needing this money to survive it breaks your heart. But in all reality they are trying to break your bank. They do not have cancer it is a way to make you feel sorry for them.

Also with the recent tragedy going on in Haiti, a lot of scamming emails as well, be careful  on who you send money to and NEVER give your cc # or any other personal information out. I know my sister went to Haiti relief website, the one they was broadcasting on the Relief for Haiti marathon, well she donated 10 dollars was all happy she was able to help. Only to find out this site scammed her, it wasn’t a lot, but they did in fact scam her. They took out the 10 dollars twice. When she called to ask why the person on the other end was speechless. She was having a hard time finding words. She stated she was unsure and the money would be put back into my sisters account. Well it never was.

So if you are wanting to help causes like this MAKE sure it is a legit place.


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