This Sucks

So yesterday I went and did what should have been done a few years ago. Actual, if I would have had dental insurance a few years ago my teeth could have been saved. But, things don’t always work the way we want them too, and now I am sitting here with a top denture at the age of 30, and hating it. It taste disgusting. I keep gagging. I can’t take the pain pills they gave me. When I attempt to I gag it up. The inside of my mouth taste like Acrylic. YUMMY. “rolls eyes”

I think the bleeding has stopped for now. Until I have to take this gross thing out and rinse my mouth with salt water. I read in time the brain will tell my taste buds to ignore this awful taste. I know next year I will be going in and getting my bottom teeth fixed. Ain’t no way in hell I am getting a bottom denture.

Any denture wearers know when this will get better? I mean it looks pretty. I like looking in the mirror and not seeing rotted teeth. But, its a bit bulky when I smile it just looks funny to me. Maybe because I have not smiled in years. Oh well. This sucks is all I have to say… 

Not feeling well.
Freaking out
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