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I struggle everyday with my weight. Saying I am over weight is an under statement I know I am overly obese. I know this is my fault, and no one else but me is to blame. Every since I quit working and gave up cigarettes, I have found 65 pounds. I was over weight before I gave up work and cigs, but now it is pure laziness. Again, I know this is all me. There isn’t anything anyone can say to me that would make me feel any worse then I do now.

I do not think some people realize obese people do not want to be obese, and most it kills them daily to even look in the mirror. Some will say then do something about it. Guess what it is harder then some think to do something about it. To me obesity is a sickness. You all can laugh and say no it is not it’s laziness blah blah blah. Yea you are right it is laziness as well.

I personally have tried several times to loose weight, only to have it fail. I keep getting off track. But sorry working out to me is umm yea pretty fricken boring. I am sorry, but it is not my thing. Anyhow, since January I have lost 13 pounds. I know it is not a lot and I can push myself harder, but for me that is way more then good. I can not rush this and I have to take my time.

I recently got the wii fit board and I have to say it isn’t all that bad. I also got a game called Walk It Out. I have to tell you the people at Konami are awesome. This is a game by them, and it is a walking game. You may think a walking game I can do that outside. Yea so can I, but I would much rather do it in my home, but I can not afford a tread mill and chances are I wouldn’t use it anyways.

So what is Walk it Out all about. You walk to the beat of music, and you get to build up a Island. The more you walk the more things you will get to see. To me this is a great alternative to actually going outside and walking, and where else can you walk at night and not get robbed.


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