So we was outside last night fixing water pipes when Fedex pulled up. I am expecting a few packages so I walk out and the guy is talking on his cell… Not a real surprise around here it seems whenever fedex comes out they are on the phone. I mean come on fedex that’s why things like last night happen…

So I go to walk away looking at the package… when I notice it is not my package. I say excuse me sir this does not go here… He replies “Oh I just looked at the mail box down there.”

HELLO DUMBASS get off your cell phone while you are working and you wouldn’t have that issue, makes me wonder now if the packages I never got was sent to the wrong address and the person was not as honest as me…

Does fedex not have a policy about not being on the phone while on the job? I know when one of our mail carriers was messing up our mail like crazy and I kept bitching she got in trouble for being on the phone. If you can not do two things at once and do them properly Mister Fedex man I reckon you should do the job your getting paid for… and that’s not talking on the phone.


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  1. Very annoying! I mean what is he a teenage girl?!

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