Growing like a weed

Gillian is growing so fast it is hard to buy clothes for her. She is either to short or her tummy is to big. With summer almost here it is time to go through all her summer clothes from last year and see which ones still fit her, and which ones I need to pass a long to someone else.

I purchased several cute short outfits last fall, and I made sure they was a few sizes to big so she could wear them this summer. She has a few that still fit so looks like I may have to get her some new clothes soon.

The thing that gets me is the clothes for her age are so pricey and she wont be able to wear them but for a little while. I mean adults clothes seem cheaper and we could wear them until we was walking out of them… I mean and shoes, those are another thing. She was wanting twinkle toe skechers, but I do not see paying that much for shoes she will out grow. I am have tempted to go get a paid of 7 dollar canvas shoes and some bling bling and markers and let her make her own twinkle toes. Instead they will be Gillian toes.

Gotta love the season change.


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