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Today makes 3 months since I had to have my top teeth removed. It was the worst day of my life. I was so depressed after I got them out. I had my new ones already, but it hurt because I am only 30!!!

I know there was not a whole lot I could do to save them. Having a rough pregnancy and no dental insurance = your teeth going south. Do you know how bad stomach acid can screw your teeth up? I do, I looked like someone on crack. It hurt to look in the mirror, it killed me to kiss my husband. How could he want to kiss me with a mouth full of rotted teeth.

Then after I found out what it might cost that upset me even more, but we went up to Affordable Dentures in Memphis, and I found out it was going to be a lot cheaper then I expected. The total process with paying and all that took less then 3.5 hours. Which was a blessing, and the total price to get all top teeth removed PLUS a temp plate, and a perm. plate when my gums heal was 1635, and our insurance gave us back 1500… So out of pocket it was 135 after we got the check from insurance. The insurance was rather fast we had the check in about 3 weeks after I got my dental work done.

However, like I said today makes 3 months since the work was done and I have to say I could not be happier. Yes, it is a bitch that I had to do what I had to do. It sucks, and at times it is hard BUT I can eat better then ever. My teeth do not hurt no more, I have adjusted nicely.

If you are one who needs dental work and you are freaking out, because some un-educated person told you, there would be several things you can no longer eat. DO NOT believe them… I was told I would not be able to eat nuts, steak, lettuce, and all that other stuff. Well I was eating all that after 2 months. I am even chewing gum :) So do not let the “you won’t be able to eat this or that” stop you from making your smile look awesome.


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