McDonalds WHAT is WRONG with YOU

I am getting very annoyed with our local McDonald’s (COUGH Atoka, TN COUGH) I am a huge Caramel Iced Coffee fan HOWEVER, it seems the workers at this local McDonald’s are slacking. I have got 3 iced coffees within the last few days, and let’s just say they taste like ass, and that is being nice.

A friend and I took the kids to McDonald’s on Tuesday, and let’s just say I now know why I usually go through the drive thru. They had only one person working the front, service was crap and slow. Once I got my order I tasted the Iced Coffee it was sick. I of course drank it because I didn’t want to waste it and chances are if I took it back it would have turned out the same… Come to find out the one person working the front was a MANAGER. You would think she would know how to make the iced coffees and if she couldn’t keep up with business then she shouldn’t have let 2 people go on break at the same time.

I mean that is common sense right? Anyways, again today I go for my yummy iced coffee. I get to the drive thru window and them ladies look like they took a wrong turn some where. I see her put the creamer in and the caramel in then she has my pull forward, and I am stuck waiting for 10 minutes only to get gross iced coffee. Well McDonalds I think you have seen the last of my money for iced coffees until you learn how to make them.


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  1. Lisa says:

    that sucks! Nothing worse then having a craving and when you get what you want it sucks!

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