USPS tries to stop Saturday Mail

This is something I have been pondering on for awhile now. With the economy being crap, the postal service is struggling to stay a float. I personally think it has to do with electronics and other means of mail service.

Many people find it more convenient to pay bills online, thus cancels paper bills coming through the mail. Most my bills I have emailed to me then I go in and pay them via other means.

When it comes to packages people would rather use Fedex, or UPS. That pretty much leaves the postal service to delivery mostly junk mail. Would it bug me if the mail service only delivered my mail 5 days a week instead of 6, not really. However, I think this may mess the post office up more then what they think. I know when it comes to getting mail on Monday, our carrier that does the Monday deliveries is real late. Why? Because they get backed up from Sunday being a no mail day.

So what do you think? Do you think if the postal service was to cut mail on Saturday it would have much of an impact on you? Me, personally no, I do not think it will have a big impact on my family.

However, one question I would like to know is, will some postal workers lose their jobs. We have 2 carriers one that is our main then another lady who covers when ours has her days off. Will some of the workers not be needed any more is that why they are pushing to do away with no mail on Saturday?


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