Almost 9

Next month Gillian will be 9, and she is STILL sleeping in our bedroom. Which I do not mind, my husband and I have 2 different sleeping schedules so it is only me and her, then when daddy goes to bed we are both up. I was thinking though, what if she had a nice bedroom set. Maybe then she will want to be in her own room. CSN Stores has some nice bedroom furniture sets.

I found one I know she would adore.

CSN Stores
What do y’all think? You think if we did her bedroom up super pretty she would want to sleep in there? I have tried to tell her soon she will want to be in her own room. She keeps telling me nope she doesn’t. I guess I could enjoy this time while I have it. I am sure before to long she will not want much to do with me, but she is a BED HOG!!!

Disclaimer: I will be receiving a code to redeem at CSN Stores for my personal use.

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  1. My sister did this with Mum when she was younger. Mum also did things to try to get her to sleep in her own room – like tarting up her bedroom. It didn’t work. I think part of the reason was Mum didn’t include her in and just did her room the way Mum thought my sister would like it. Maybe asked Gillian what she woudl like her room to look like and pull her into the process. That might be an incentive for her.

    • We include her in on all the decisions we make. She just feels safer in our bed, and it is kind of my fault. When I was younger our home caught on fire and my baby brother ended up passing as a result of it, and her room is way across the other end of the home. So it scares me.

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