Zhu Zhu Wild Bunch Party and Giveaway CLOSED Winner Inside

Recently we were one of the families picked to be a part of the Mom Select ZhuZhu Wild Bunch house party. Woohoo we got super excited. With Gillian’s birthday being Saturday, it fell in perfectly. She had decided she wanted a Zhu Zhu birthday cake before we even found out that we were one of the ones selected for the Wild Bunch house party.

What we received for the Wild Bunch party was 11 Wild Bunch Zhu Zhu Pets, Bucket of chalk, and a packet that was full of game ideas and easy recipes for great party fun.

zhu zhu oack

We had invited more children, but due to church, some could not come. That is good news for y’all. Why you ask? Well, this means I have a few pranksters to giveaway woohoo. We love these pranksters. They are tricky at times. You know that stinker was stinking up the kids at the party.  I will tell you about that in a bit.

After all the children got here, I let them play for a bit. We got a surprise and ended up with a bounce house thanks to PlayLand Moon Bounce. This was a surprise and the kids had a ball.

PlayLand moon bounce PlayLand

Then I broke out some yummy food. Of course, you know how kids are and NONE of them ate. That is okay the adults thought the ZhuZhu Prankster Pizzas was yummy and cute.

Pranster Pita Pizza

After eating, I had all the kids come from the bounce house and we played a Hot Wild Bunch, we used stinker. I wish I had taken pictures of the game, but I was busy tending to the music and I forgot. I am so sorry. We passed stinker around the circle. When the music stopped who ever had, stinker was out. We continued until we were only down to one child. The child left got a prize. Of course, the prize was a cute wild bunch prankster for them to take home.  We played several times, the kids all loved it, and even some of the adults joined in.

After playing the games, we had some yummy cake and ice cream.

ZhuZhu Birthday Cake ZhuZhu Cake

The rest of the evening, the kids played with their zhuzhu pets. Total to come to the zhuzhu party, 6 children and 7 adults.

Wild Bunch Wild Bunch

Wild Bunch Wild Bunch

Now since some of the Kids was unable to attend I have a few Zhu Zhu Wild Bunch pets to giveaway. However, this one will be done a bit differently. I will be the one shipping the cute little guys. So we are going to do this a bit different. I have Stinker the Skunk and Rocco the Raccoon to giveaway. HOWEVER, since it Gillian’s Birthday she will be the one picking based on the comment left. So make sure you leave a good comment this is a 9 year old picking. :). I will print out the comments, and let her read them and then she will tell me who she thinks should get these cute little guys.

Mandatory Entry: There is none, just leave whatever you want. Guess what you can even leave as many as you want. Want to change your name and enter more go for it. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR NAME AND ENTER MORE. Remember you are trying to win some pranksters lets be a prankster ourselves and trick her here.

If you would like to be nice you can become a google follower, network blog follower, and or fan. But this is NOT required. Have fun and good luck.

Giveaway will run until September 13th, @ 11:59pm CST. USA only please, also remember Gillian will have to read all the comments so please give her some time. Once she has picked the ones she thinks should get these cute guys I will then email them and they will have 48 hours to contact me back with their address. If for some reason the person/s does not get back with me I will use random to pick. Good Luck all be creative.

Disclaimer as stated above we received these products for a in home wild bunch party from Mom Select.

Gillian picked Julia and Hannah.

Her reasons for picking Julia was she wanted her to play a trick on her daughter, since we always trick her, and Hannah was picked because she likes Hannah Montana.

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  1. wow add me in for this i verry much want to win some thing beside’s that zhu-zhu pets are cool :)

  2. Rebecca Graham says:

    I like these hamsters because you don’t have to feed them.

  3. I would love to win. :)

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  4. Sheila Hickmon says:

    Zhu Zhu pets rock! No mess, and total fun… a perfect combination! My monkey girl loved hers, until her little cousin threw it in the sick… don’t do that, it ruins them FOR GOOD! :)
    Happy Late Birthday Gillian!

  5. virgomomwriter says:

    Zhu Zhus are so cute…my godson loves them. (So do I…)

  6. If you put two Zhu Zhus together—do they multiply has fast as real hamsters do?

  7. Happy Birthday Gillian you are awfully cute You had a cool zhu zhu party aren’t you glad they don’t poot!

  8. Mellissa C says:

    I love those Pizzas you made.

  9. Karen Gonyea says:

    The Pizzas look great :)

  10. Hello Gillian! Happy birthday to you! If you pick our family to win a Zhu Zhu pet we promise to give it a good home. We will play with him, take him to the park, pet him daily and make sure he has a comfy bed to sleep in. Our Zhu Zhus will be like siblings! We hope you have a wonderful day and we would love to win your Zhu Zhu!

  11. I would love to win your Zhu Zhu pet for my son. He wanted one last Christmas but Santa ran out and could not find my little guy one in time. I am sure Santa would have given one to him if he could but since he didnt maybe you could be the girl to give him the pet he needs!

  12. these are pretty cute!

  13. Monique Rizzo says:

    That cake is adorable!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  14. Thank you for the giveaway. The party looked fun! My daughter who recently turned 9 has these on her wishlist. They are too cute!! Happy belated birthday to your young lady!

  15. I love the pizza’s, are they made with tortillas? My son’s birthday is next week and he wants pizza for his birthday.

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  16. Thanks again for the giveaway.

    I really loved reading your birthday story and looking at the pictures. You must have poured a lot of thought and had plenty of help with ideas from your kiddo! The cake is too cute, I bet it tasted delicious. I’m baking a cake for my son next week. My daughter didn’t want a homemade cake so we purchased one and decorated it.

  17. What a pretty cake and I love Zhu Zhu pets..

  18. What a cute cake!! love the color. I know someone who would love one of your little guys. He thinks Zhu Zhu’s are made for girls only ! Can you believe that!!!!! If we win, I will prove to him that boys can have just has much fun with them. They sure are cute

  19. Heather McDonough says:

    I would love to win. My son loves these things.

  20. It looks like you had a great birthday. I would love to win stinkers, because my daughter would love it, she likes playing tricks on her brothers. This trick would be on her. Thank you for the giveaway, and I hope you have lots of great birthdays.

  21. Samantha A says:

    Nine! My daughter is only 8… I hope that her 9th birthday is as great as the one in the review. With Stinker and Rocco in attendance it should be perfect.

    I need the an address to send STinker and Rocco their invitations!

  22. Tracie Trump says:

    I would love to win this for my nieces! tracietrump@yahoo.com

  23. Karen Gonyea says:

    Count me in please :)

  24. DANIELLE WALDO says:

    What a fantastic party idea. I love the little pizzas you made they are so cute.

    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot com)

  25. Paula Hafner says:

    Who made the cake?

  26. Mickey Mouse says:

    Minnie would love these.

  27. Paula Hafner says:

    Wow! You’re very talented. It would’ve looked like a pink alien if I’d tried to make it. lol My cooking taste great but I stink at decorating.

  28. My son would love one of these, he wanted one last christmas but they got sold out. Maybe he can get one this christmas. Hope you had a GREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAT Birthday,

  29. Love the cake!

  30. Pets you don’t have to feed and they don’t poop!

  31. My daughter really wants one of these, we don’t own any (yet)! I didn’t know why, but you make them sound fun! :) Cute cake!

  32. Dee Reynolds says:

    Hi! Zhu Zhu pets rule!

  33. Charlie Kelly says:

    I would enjoy some Zhu Zhu pets so I can continue to fill my home with them..,. :)

  34. The Waitress says:

    A few Zhu Zhu’s would really make me day! Thanks for the contest! This is fun! :)

  35. These look like wacky toys! I hope to win some!

  36. We have one Zhu Zhu and it needs a friend. We really like your pink Zhu Zhu birthday cake.

  37. Wow, what a great party and awesome cake! I would LOVE to win Stinker the Skunk because I have a little “stinker” here that would be the perfect caretaker…they would have a lot in common! ; ) Thanks for the chance!

  38. Peppermint Patty says:

    I love your pink zhu zhu cake…your mom is a very talented baker. I would love to win Rocco the Raccoon because his mask is so cool. He looks sneaky, but cute. Just like the little one here who would love to have Rocco as a pet. Plus where we live the real raccoons are always knocking down the garbage cans looking for food, maybe Rocco can tell them to stop? Thank you.

  39. I loved the cake and pizzas.

  40. Tracey Byram says:

    Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters are the best hamsters. No feeding, no cleaning, no fuss, no muss.

  41. I have three daughters ages 10, 8, and 6. They all love Zhu Zhu’s! They would love these :-)

  42. Janice Crespo says:

    Would love this for my nephew :)

  43. Wow what an amazing party. I would love to win either Zhu Zhu pet. I have a friend whose son is allergic and these are the only “pets’ that he is allowed to have in his home.

    This is not my video, but very cute of dog vs Zhu Zhu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWXgaWJAQFM

  44. Kat Emerick says:

    My granddaughter wants some for Christmas and this would be great!

  45. Scott Martin says:

    I like these hamsters because you don’t have to feed them.

  46. My daughter just got her first zhu zhu pet and loves it. Yo yo has become a much loved member of our family, but he could really use a friend.

  47. my youngest really would like these!thanks!

  48. HI Gillian! my name is samantha carr and i am 11 years old. i am from masssachusetts, and i live in a small town near the sturbridge area. have you ever moved before? i have, and let me tell you that when i recieved the news, i was NOT happy.i had to leave my school, friends, and neighbors. but it turned out to be not so bad. i know a lot of people may say that, but on my first day there, two girls said hi to me and were so nice. at least it was something. now, they are my some of my closest friends.
    but, enough about my school. i love to dance. i guess you could call it my passion. i started 7 years ago, and now we are in the “company”.i take four classes. tap, jazz, ballet, and lyrical which is a mix of jazz and ballet. it is so fun! i go on tuesdays and fridays and in total i dance 5 hours a week! but i love it sooo much that i enjoy every second of it..
    anyway,when my birthday came two years later, i decided i wanted a hampster. but not just any hampster, a dwarf hampster. they are soooo tiny, they’re about four inches long! mine was a girl, with a silver coat and one black stipe from her nose to her tail. we named her silverbell and she was the best.
    i miss her a lot now. that’s why when i got my first zhu-zhu, it reminded me of her. i feel like i have her with me once again, but i’m afraid that my zhu-zhu jillly is lonely. i think she deserves friends just like i have friends.So, PLEASE CONSIDER ME AND JILLY TO TAKE HOME YOUR TWO ZHU-ZHUS.
    we promise we’ll take extra good care of them, and play wiith the a lot. i have a box full of fabric waiting to become stinker and rocco’s clothes with style.
    your party sounds great. i think its the best party i’ve ever seen. i hope you had an awesome day, and please consider this entry to take home those two bundles of joy.
    your friend,
    p.s. this is under my dads name because its his e-mail, if you were wondering.

  49. hi again! this is samantha and i just wanted to clarify that my e-mail is samantha.carrsmc@gmail.com

  50. they’re soo cute


  51. Oh Man, My lil sisters would LOVE these!

  52. Hi Gillian, I would love to win this for my daughter, she is the same age as you are, and would love to have stinkers. I hope you pick me.

  53. I couldn’t believe what a trend these things have become!

  54. Nica says: “I WANT THOSE ZHU ZHUS!”

  55. This would be great for my kiddos birthdays!

  56. Maggie Smith says:

    Gillian! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You got a Bounce house, how fun! My little guy will be 3 soon and he would love these little guys. He is quite the prankster himself. The other day he told me to come and look in my bed. He had put a real spider in there and since he had to pick it up himself he squashed it. So, you see I had this squished, dead spider in my bed and he thought it was HILARIOUS!

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