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(Ages 5 & Up, Approximate Retail Value: $6.99 – $19.99 Available: Now)

Giddy Up is thrilled to introduce Fuzzoodles™, the kookiest new category of fun to hit the toy-store shelves this holiday season. A unique combination of arts and crafts and construction toys, funky Fuzzoodles is the perfect gift      for boys and girls who’ve been good all year round!

Fuzzoodles combines colorful, bendable and BIG fuzzy noodles – Fuzzoodles — with wacky features like crazy eyes and toothy smiles, along with cool accessories such as a bowtie and a purse. Kids will have a blast putting them all together to create a cast of adorable, fluffy Fuzzoodle characters.  These characters can stand alone as playthings, or kids can make them into bracelets, decorate pens and headphones with them, and much more. All the accessories are interchangeable and the design possibilities are limitless. Since no two creations are quite the same, kids can make oodles of reusable Fuzzoodles! The end result: the coolest, custom-made characters on the block!

Gillian has seen these on the TV and in the stores, and has always been wanting to check them out. However, if I went and purchased everything she was wanting I think we would be homeless. Recently, We had the opportunity to check out Fuzzoodles first hand. I have to be honest, I wish these was one of the things we had purchased instead of several other seen on TV products that ended up in the trash.

Fuzzoodles are a great fun way to let your child’s imagination soar.

Gillian playing with FuzzoodlesFuzzoodles Bring hours of fun

At one point Gillian started getting aggravate, because she could not make what she was wanting to make, she made the remark “this is impossible”. So, of course when daddy woke up he showed her how it was done!

Overall I think fuzzoodles are a great activity for the children to do on a rainy day, or even on a day when the family wants to be creative.

After daddy showed Gillian how to do it the proper way she played with the Fuzzoodles for hours. She is now asking Santa to bring her some more.

Connect with Fuzzoodles:

Website: http://fuzzoodles.com

Facebook: Fuzzoodles

Twitter: http://twitter.com/_giddyup

Disclosure: We received a package of Fuzzoodles to include them in my Holiday Gift Idea section, I received no other form of payment to conduct this review. This is only my opinion, yours may vary.

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  1. I am hosting a Fuzzoodles Fiesta party tomorrow. I was glad to hear your daughter had so much fun with them. They really are super cute. I can’t wait to see what designs the kids come up with tomorrow! Thanks!

    • She has lots of fun with her Fuzzoodles! At first she said it was impossible,once her dad showed her how to do it she has lots of fun. Thanks for stopping by and have a blast tomorrow :)

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