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James Beard’s American Cookery is not your normal cookbook. With over 800 pages of recipes, you should never be in a stump with what’s for dinner. Since I have changed what we eat for dinner, I have started a collection of cookbooks. I am so use to cooking from the box! When I first received James Beard’s American Cookery in the mail I was a bit over whelmed, I just looked at the book, and started to wonder what I should do first.

After flipping through it, I learned that it is very well organized! The recipes are divided up by meat types, dessert types, vegetable types, and so forth. This is what I am talking about!

James BeardAbout James Beard’s American Cookery:

James Beard was the “dean of American cookery” (New York Times), and he put practically everything he learned about cooking into this single magnificent–now classic–cookbook. JAMES BEARD’S AMERICAN COOKERY includes more than fifteen hundred of his favorite and most successful recipes, as well as advice on dozens of cooking questions, from choosing meats and vegetables to preserving fruit and making real cheeseburgers. A celebration of the roots of cooking in the American style, this repackaged edition features the original text and color illustrations, and a new foreword by Tom Colicchio.

About The Author:

Until his death in 1985, James Beard was the nation’s most acclaimed chef and food writer. The founder and director of the celebrated cooking classes in New York that still bear his name, Beard wrote James Beard’s New Fish Cookery, The James Beard Cookbook, Menus for Entertaining, Beard on Bread, Beard on Food, and other works on the gastronomic arts.

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My Opinion:

As stated above I love how the recipes are broke down into sections, I love how this book is packed full of amazing recipes, I am still a bit lost, some of the ingredients I have never heard of, some are a favorite in our home already. I think out of all the cookbooks, I have so far, this one is my favorite. There is just tons of recipes, looking at all of them makes my mouth water.

With Christmas coming up soon, and for those being frugal and giving boxes of sweet treats, this would be the perfect cookbook for you, with all the different candy recipes, such as Taffy, Peanut Brittle, and Candied Popcorn, it would help put a smile on anyone’s face that maybe feeling a bit blue.

One recipe that caught my eye, and I still have yet to cook. I plan too very soon, is the Swiss Steak, it sounds so yummy, and the best part about it, is it doesn’t take many items to make it. I love recipes that are awesome in flavor and use few products.

Purchase: James Beard’s American Cookerycan be purchased on Amazon for $23.10

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Disclosure: I received a copy of James Beard’s American Cookery from hachette book group, no other form of payment was received, and this did not alter my opinion.

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