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I won’t lie, I am willing to try just about anything to help aid me in my weight loss. I am not talking about getting dependent on certain  products to make weight come off way fast, I am talking about products to just boost my system. Something to give my body a bit more energy.

A little bit about AgroLabs:

Since its inception in 2004, AgroLabs, Inc. has been a driving force in human nutrition combining product innovation with clinical science. AgroLabs is committed to bringing consumers research that is accurate and targeted to provide maximum health benefits.

AgroLabs, Inc. manufactures and markets healthful nutritional products under the following brands: Naturally Pomegranate®, Naturally Noni®2X Double Strength, Green Envy™ Daily Detox, Peaceful Sleep™, Superberry Upgrade™ and Naturally Açai Xtra™ and many others. Agrolabs distributes worldwide in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, United Kingdom and Mexico. Read More.

I was sent two of AgroLabs products to test out for myself. The products I received were Peaceful Sleep, and Wheatgrass BOOST.

Peaceful Sleep – A peaceful night’s sleep is one of the best gifts anyone can receive! AgroLabs Peaceful Sleep contains ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and passion flower are combined to rejuvenate the mind and body by assisting in getting a healthy night’s sleep, so you wake refreshed and ready in the morning.

Wheatgrass BOOST™ – A Hollywood favorite, AgroLabs brings all of the nutritional benefits of the popular wheatgrass ingredient to the market in an affordable, convenient and delicious shot format. Wheatgrass juice is popular for its 46 nutrients and trace minerals, including Vitamins B3, B6 and B12.

My Thoughts:

Please remember this is only my opinion, yours may vary. The first one I tried was Peaceful Sleep, I did notice a bit of drowsiness, but I didn’t really get a peaceful sleep, I had a lot going on in my mind and I tossed and turned like I normally do. I only took one 3oz shot though, this may also be the issue, I am not sure if one will need to take this more often then just once. As for the taste, from the smell of it, you wouldn’t think the taste would be all that bad, I smelt it and took me a big swig. This was a no no and brought tears to my eyes, it is hard to explain the taste. I ended up plugging my nose while downing the rest as fast as I could. LOL

The next on the try list was the Wheatgrass Boost. After smelling the first one, and taking a big swig I new to proceed with caution on this one. So I slowly took one sip, even though this bottle says “Tastes Great” don’t let that fool you, this did not taste great to me, but I am not use to taking supplements like this, so you may think it tastes great. After plugging my nose and downing it, I started to clean, and workout some. I did notice a small increase in energy. I didn’t feel all sluggish like I usually do after cleaning.

I myself wouldn’t take these on a daily basis, I do know some people who would. I would take them on a once in awhile basis when I do need a bigger boost.

Disclosure: I received a 3oz shot of both products, this is my honest opinion, others will vary. I did not receive no other form of payment.

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