Counting Calories

They say one way to a healthy and happy weight, is by counting calories. However, I will be honest I personally do not count calories, instead I use smaller plates, and watch my portion sizes. I just have never been successful when it comes to counting all those numbers I put in my body.

If you do better by counting calories, and keeping track of everything there is a great application on facebook that will help you keep track of all those numbers. CalorieStory Food Diary will let you search what foods you ate, lets you state the amount, and determines the calories based on the information you give it.

This is a daily calorie counting diary that will show you how many calories you have consumed and how many you still have left to consume for the day. This makes counting those pesky calories pretty simple. Not only does it make counting calories easier, it also breaks down what you ate when.

I highly suggest this app to be checked out if you are a calorie counter, if counting calories makes your head spin like me, then use smaller dishes when eating, make sure to snack through out the day, so when it comes time for the main meals you do not over eat.

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