Flourless Chocolate Cake

Thinking of cake with no flour doesn’t sound like it will turn out all too well. As I started to grind up the almonds, I realized they were going to be our “flour” in this recipe. If you have not already read my review on The New Sonoma Diet, head on over to that post and read it, there you will also get the recipe for the Flourless Chocolate Cake!

mixing eggs and sugar <— Here I am mixing the eggs and sugar. This is my first time ever making a cake from scratch, funny that I am not using flour. It all seems so weird.

flourless cake before the ovenIf you look at this image closer you can see the bits of almonds in it. I thing I may have over folded the chocolate in, not to sure thought!



flourless chocolate cake Look how yummy this cake looks; the main recipe wanted you to dust the cake with powder sugar than serve with 1/4 cup strawberries. I decided to use the powder sugar and dust the strawberries, and place on the cake instead.

Honest opinion on this cake, if you are a huge chocolate fan you will LOVE IT. I am not sure if I would call this a cake either, it has the consistency of a brownie. Gillian reviews to this as a “nasty cake brownie”. She said the chocolate flavor is way to strong for her, which I expected that, she is not a huge fan of chocolate.

She also said she thinks daddy will only like the strawberries as well. What I thought about it, like I said I would call this more a brownie than a cake. The strawberries take away from some of the chocolate taste which is great.

It was different that is for sure!

piece of flourless cakeThe con to making this cake, if you do not already have all items to make, it is pretty pricey, other then that it is a healthy snack to satisfy the sweet tooth.

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