All My Children and One Life to Live Canceled!

I am extremely pissed at ABC right now. As I sat here watching Access Hollywood on Fox 13, they announced All My Children and One Life to Live have been CANCELED. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!

How are you going to take these shows off the air? I have been watching ABC Soaps since I was like 10, now my daughter which is 9 watches them with me. This was a big mistake on ABC’s part, they were worried about ratings, and as soon as these shows are pulled, their ratings will drop even more.

A&E had this problem when they pulled Dog the Bounty Hunter, a lot of pissed off viewers stopped watching and the ratings went down. When A&E seen they goofed they brought the show back. I hope someone else picks up these shows, and ABC gets canceled.

Today is a sad day to those who watch ABC Soaps, but I think in the end it will be a sadder day for ABC, because they will lose a lot of their viewers.

ABC is not really thinking about the viewers though, they are thinking about their pocket books, and you know what happens when a company/network starts to become greedy, they fall. They fall hard because whether they want to admit it or not the consumers usually have the last say.

ABC will be bringing in two new shows, The Chew and The Revolutions, because Americans need more FOOD shows. The reason for these two new shows is because The View has been such a big hit. Hmm wonder why, because they have women on their that have nothing better to do then bitch back and forth. Yea, as you can see I am not a fan of The View never have been, never will be, and I have just canceled ABC off my TV.

I am extremely sickened by ABC’s choice to pull these two shows, I personally feel the only reason the ratings have dropped is because a lot of the viewers have had to get jobs to make up for our screwed up economy.

However, I am done with ABC, I like Fox better anyways.

What do you all think about ABC’s decision to cancel these two loved soaps? I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

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  1. I know just how you feel. I have been watching All My Children for the last 32 years.Oh, what am I going to do without Pine Valley?

    • I have been watching them for 22 years, my daughter and I watch them together, her favorite is One Life to Live, once these shows go off air ABC will suffer. The consumers are the reason they are still on air. People may think not many watch soaps, but they would be wrong just some people do not admit they watch them. I am sure gonna miss my soaps, but I will just watch fox.

  2. Anita Yancey says:

    I am as mad about this as you are. I am 54 and have been watching All My Children since I was a teenager. My feelings are like yours as well that ABC will suffer. As of today the only thing I will watch on ABC is the soaps until they go off the air.


    • I have been following a few groups on facebook, all them folks are peed off as well. ABC is going to find out the hard way, on this mistake they are about to make. A&E pulled this awhile back, and the viewers boycotted, and they brought it back. I hope another network picks up these soaps, and when ABC falls they cannot bring these shows back because they are on a different network. I hope ABC eats this mistake in their pocket book!

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