Grammar Bites!

No worries, I am not far enough into my English Grammar For Dummies book to produce proper grammar in this post. No fears though, I am hoping by the end of the Summer I will be amazingly awesome HAHAH at Grammar!

As of right this minute, I hate grammar, I have learned there’s 6 types of nouns. Blah really, this all makes my head spin… AND to top it all off, many words can fit into several different noun categories. So, again I ask myself why the hell is there 6 types of nouns.

Oh well, guess I better learn them all if I want my daughter to be successful in English. barf

I have also learned in the English Language, there is <– (I probably even got that structure wrong) several different types of “Englishes”. Good golly can this get any more confusing.

I am currently on page 11 of this book, and I have a feeling I will have to read it SEVERAL times for it to all stick.

Grammar + Jammie = FAIL

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