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I dislike the fact I do not have much work history behind me, I always figured my husband would be the bread winner in the family, and I would do the wife duties. I was so wrong, I have been trying for the past month to find work, yea I know “only a month Jammie?”

I wish there were more job fairs, my first job after the age of 18 I received from going to a job fair. Having many employers in one area hiring on the spot makes things a lot easier.

I remember the first job fair I went to, I had to stand in line for HOURS. There were pop up displays everywhere, people everywhere, it was a huge unorganized mess! I did get employed though, so I guess the mess was worth it.

If you have never been to a job fair, you may not know what I am talking about. However, the same thing happens at pop up trade show displays, a lot of people and no organization. I have only been to one trade show, the lines at the pop up booths were INSANE!

I learned a lesson though by going to the trade show, and the job fair, if you want to get in and out with no fighting for walking space go early.

I have noticed that, trade show pop up displays are becoming very popular.

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