Stomach is going nuts!

Now is the time my stomach starts doing these fun cart wheels! OMG! It is about to become real tomorrow. I am almost, yes ALMOST a College student. Just thinking about it being reality soon makes my stomach go “back the heck up Jammie”. EEK, I go meet my adviser tomorrow, find out what I need to do to get full enrolled.

I got the email from Financial Aid today, so my adviser should be able to pull it all up tomorrow and let me know my options. I am ready to get schooling going and over with so I can pursue my nursing career. I think I am going to go for full RN, not sure which area I want to work in, but I know I do NOT want to work ER.

One thing I dream to do honestly, is being one of those nurses that go to the homes of patients to administrate their meds. I would love to do that!

Kind of scary my dreams are becoming my reality.

Wish me luck, haha!

Tomorrow I will be getting my Party Lite review up, and possibly a review/giveaway for Shoulder Buddies! Not sure what shoulder Buddies are? They are the next new thing, I like to think of them as a cross between a chicken and a troll. :)

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  1. karen M says:

    Good luck on your classes! I am sure you will succeed in anything you do!

    • They goofed and didn’t tell me I need to take Compass test. Guess I will be doing that Monday now I am even more scared ugh, and I have to get some awesome College shots yay me!

  2. %Don’t discount Emergency Department nursing…

    You get to treat everything from stubbed toes to major trauma…

    And, best of all, (at least for me), most of your patients will come in the door sick and go out the door treated. All in, roughly, 2 hours…

    Then it’s on to the next challenge..

    • I am not sure if I could personally handle the ER! But I am some what leaning towards the IT field… I am undecided right now.

  3. Congrats on starting nursing school soon! Especially in this job market, I would recommend pursuing your BSN, or at least get your ASN and then pick an employer who will pay for your BSN.

    It’s funny that the one area I didn’t think I could work was Pediatrics. Then I did my clinicals and found that I loved it! The patients outweigh the sad parts. I ended up choosing to work in the NICU and now I don’t ever want to work with adults. So you never know about the ER :)

    • Hi Rachel,

      At first I was torn between Nursing and IT, because they both have pros and cons, but I think I finally came to the decision to go with the Nursing. I like the fact that you can go higher up in your education, and move around. I am just super excited and super scared at the same time. The only reason I am scared is because it has been many years since I was last in school. I go for my Compass test tomorrow, and I know I will bunk on the math, since I have only done Algebra in HS.

      Any advice for me, would be much appreciated!

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