Why I Dislike Long Distance Moves

As some may know, I met my husband online in 1999. I am from Michigan, he is from Tennessee. Therefor, we have moved a lot, between the states. I think we are on move number six between the states. With each move we say we are not doing it again, however, we always end up moving again. Long distance moving is no fun, specially when you do it all on your own.

Since we still own our home in Tennessee it is possible we may move again, and if that time comes I will be hiring a moving company. Before this move we had looked into the prices of different long distance moving companies, and it was cheaper to just rent a pull behind. However, we had many issues with the company we went with, and I think the little extra would have been worth it to remove the stress from the move.

One thing I do recommend when moving is to be prepared. With this being a spur of the moment move, we were rushing to get everything done, once we got to our location I had to make all the calls to get the internet hooked up, it would have been so much better to have it all on before we got here.

A few tips to make your move less stressful…

1. Hire a moving company

2. Plan a head

3. Call and get service for internet before you get to the location!

I am glad to be back in my home state, and see all the fun my daughter is having with her cousins. However, I some what miss Tennessee and my home there, I mean we were there for almost eight years.

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