All State Insurance Company

I am in one of those moods. So I contacted All State who currently has our home in Tennessee insured. I was trying to reduce the payment, so only wanted the home itself insured. I mean none of our important property is there, yes we still have things there, but nothing worth much. She informs me, they can no longer insure us because we are not there… HELLO…

Just because I am not there, doesn’t mean I don’t own the place, and I am not renting the property out we have family living there. She states I must get some landlord insurance or something… This is what gets me we have had All State for many years, paid them thousands of dollars… for what. Now they got thousands of dollars from me, and they will not insure my property. I am so sick of All State, when we first got the insurance it was a little under 40 a month, then they jumped us with no notice to 57 a month…

Their auto insurance is just as nuts. They quoted me $230 a month for auto insurance, that is 130 more a month then what I pay with Geico… When we were in Tennessee we paid 61 a month for FULL COVERAGE. Michigan insurance laws need to change, because this is nuts. I am so sick of paying places for those “just in case”, specially with the economy and everything being so insanely high. Now I hve to dish out loads of money for those just in cases.

Hey, maybe I should ask the IRS for extra child tax credit each year, JUST IN CASE I have another child…

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