Winterizing The Swimming Pool

When we first moved to the South, we had a huge swimming pool. Okay not really huge, but it was pretty big. After awhile we had to take it down though, because the ground started to mess up. One thing I disliked was all the Pool Supplies we had to purchase. If you have a swimming pool, then you know the amount of time, and money it goes into the up keep.

Not only do you have to make sure they stay clean and clear in the Summer months, you also have to make sure they’re properly stored during the winter months. I know when we had a pool, we bought a chemical to help the water from freezing. We also had to purchase a pool cover.

Winter Pool Covers make re-opening the pool in the spring/summer so much easier. All we would have to do is pull the cover back, and all the leaves and sticks that fell during fall/winter went with it. One time the pool went uncovered and I think I was pulling leaves from the bottom of the pool for over a week.

If you have a big pool, you want a pool cover, unless you like the idea of pulling massive amounts of debris from the pools floor. NOT FUN. I like pulling off the cover, turning on the pump, dropping some chemicals in, running the pool vacuum across the floor, and enjoying the sun!

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  1. Thanks for the info on the pool covers, I agree, you are better off investing in a quality cover for the winter, not fun when it the weather warms up and the kids are standing around, waiting to go swimming. :)

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