Gas Prices

gas prices For a moment, I thought we were finally going to see some relief at the pump. For aw good week or so it sat at $3.38, then out of no where it jumped to $3.55. That is a .17 cent jump over night. I guess companies feel they can get away with jacking prices on things we need such as gas and food.

At times I wish I had a horse and buggy. It would make getting around pretty slow, but it would make my pocket book thank me. Not long ago when we were at Menard’s we showed Gillian how the Amish got around. She was amazed how they would tie their horses up to a pole in the parking lot.

Living back in Michigan she sees a lot more then what she did in Tennessee… Such as the deer coming in our yard, the rabbits that cross the road. I honestly can say in the 8 years I lived in Tennessee the only rabbits I seen were the ones in cages. I never not once, seen a rabbit in the wild. I guess most the animals, didn’t like the area we were in, and the deer down there, I seen maybe… 10 deer total in those 8 years.

We seen lots of Raccoon down there!

Back to these pesky gas prices… What is the gas like in your area?


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