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We all love saving money, but at what cost. I was printing coupons like crazy at one time, but I fast learned that my printer ink was being used a lot faster as well. So I had to quit printing coupons, now I print only the ones I think are the best deals. How do you print coupons, and save on ink? I pay about $32 for both the color and the black for my printer, if I am lucky I can get it to last me 2 months, with being home schoolers, I don’t get that lucky. When I was printing coupons, I was going through my ink cartridges within about 3 weeks. $32 for about 3 weeks worth of printing is a bit much in my opinion.

With my older printer, I bought the refill kits, and did the refills myself, when we were in Tennessee no place around me filled the ink cartridges. So I was left purchasing them at Wal-mart. Now that I am in Michigan I have found some relief, I can recycle my old ones at Staples and get cash off or something like that.

What are some ways you get more out of your ink, how do you decide on which coupons to print? Is there a secret to printing that I am some how missing.

Maybe I can figure out how to refill the ones I have and purchased the refill kits, the old printer as an older printer so it made refilling easy. I am afraid if I personally refilled the ink to the new printer, I may break the printer, and after paying $100 for it, there is no way I want to risk breaking it.

Any suggestions on how to save some ink and money while printing coupons?



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