The Pains of Owning a Vehicle

On thing I dislike about being an adult, is all the responsibilities. I honestly miss being a kid. I didn’t have to worry about when a water pipe broke, or when something on the vehicle was not responding like it was suppose to. I got to play and have no worries in the world. Now when the car breaks, my stomach gets knots in it, because I know my husband is the one that will have to trouble shoot the issue, and attempt to fix it.

My husband is not the car working type, you throw a computer in front of him, and he can pretty much fix it with his hand tied. Vehicle repair is a different story. When our old Pontiac broke down, my husband grabbed the Haynes Repair Manuals, and started to trouble shoot.

haynes repair manual

When you try to trouble shoot, and you are not auto repair man savvy, you end up changing everything that maybe leading to the main problem. I kid you not, when the repair book said, the problem we had could be this part or that part, we changed them both. We kept doing a back and forth. I think we needed a trouble shooting for dummies.

In the end we decided to sell the vehicle and move forward. If you are not smart in the mechanic field, you know what I am talking about when I say sometimes, it can be a whole different language.

I learned a lot for the manual though during the period our car was blah. I think I read that manual from front to back a few different times.

When your car is giving you problems do you or your spouse fix it, or take it to the shop?

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