Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

Have you stopped to think about what your family would do in case of an emergency? Often times we think nothing will ever happen. We sometimes feel we’re never in the line of danger. Even if you feel this way, it is better to prepare and be safe. Last year our country was hit with many deadly storms. During this time hundreds of people lost their lives, many were left without their homes, food, or even a place to go to the bathroom. I am sure they to thought nothing would ever happen to them.

Did you know emergency preparedness is comprised of more than just basic food products? Not only should your emergency kit contain your basic food items, it should also include a first aid kit, a change of clothes, personal hygiene products, important papers, flash lights with extra batteries, and a portable charger to charge those cell phones. So how prepared are you really?

When purchasing food for your emergency kit, you want to make sure the items have a long shelf life, and the product can be easily opened. You also want to keep in mind you probably will not have a way to prepare this food, so you want to pack items that don’t need to be cooked. Make sure your emergency food storage containers are air tight, you want to protect this kit the best you can from the elements of nature.

Another thing you may also want to look into is food insurance. Food insurance will make sure that your investment is safe! I know several people that use coupons, and have a nice stock pile. These stockpiles are great in case of an emergency, however, all a tornado needs is a second, and that stockpile will be gone. Having some sort of insurance on your investment will keep your mind at ease.

If you do not have those kits ready, I suggest you start one, even if it’s a small kit, it’s better then nothing at all. You can also purchase already made kits. You will of course want to add more to it depending on your family size. I highly suggest when making these kits you do take your family size into consideration. If you are a family of 4 you will nee more than a family of 2. So even if you have to purchase more than one kit, it would be well worth it in case of an emergency.

If you have a underground basement or cellar I recommend storing your emergency kit down there, this will make sure your kit is safe if a tornado does come through.

Are you prepared in case danger strikes your area?

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  1. You’re right an emergency kit contains a lot more than just food products, and one can never be too prepared. I never thought about getting insurance on my food though, this is something I will be looking into. I have a decent stockpile, and I would hate for a natural disaster to come take it all away. Thanks for the post!

  2. So true! I just now started doing more to prepare for the unknown.

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