Being Annoyed By Those Collection Agencies

How many times have you answered the phone only to find someone on the other end trying to collect a debt? How many times has there been no debt, but you are in the system so they keep calling? Getting these calls to stop can become a job in itself, but it can be done. Just because you may owe money, it does not give these agencies the right to harass you.

First thing you need to do is contact someone that knows the laws and can help you  stop collection calls. Many people do not know their rights, or that there are these laws out there, so they continue to basically allow these collection agencies to harass them. However, did you know that it is indeed against the law for these companies to call you repeatedly, or to threaten to take actions against you that they cannot legally do?

I once had a hospital threaten me with legal action, they even went and sent me fake court papers. Of course I was several miles away from the court, and it stated if I didn’t show up I would be arrested. Being naive I freaked and sent them the money they asked for, I new I owed it, however, I didn’t really have the money, and they refused to take it in payment.

I wish I new the things I know now, because I wouldn’t have sent them a dime. Actually I would have sent a dime, and if they refused I would have had that to show I was trying and they was not allowing me to make the proper payments.

So if you are being harassed by these agencies, ask for advise on how to properly handle them, swearing in the phone real loud and hanging up is not the proper way.

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Jammie is of Native American descent, she has family from the Ojibway/Chippewa tribe in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She was born and raised in Michigan, where she later moved to Tennessee with her husband and daughter. Jammie and her husband home school their daughter, and enjoy doing many things together as a family. Some of those activities include geocaching, hiking, fishing, playing games together as a family, and just being silly with their daughter. Jammie is Owner of The Neat Things in Life. For more information visit on Google+.

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