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I am just like everyone else I love me a freebie, but lately I have been noticing people get extremely nasty if a freebie runs out, or for that matter something was posted by mistake. Recently, something was posted that was meant only for a certain few. We all know once we see something and it is “Free” we start alerting everyone, why? Well, most will blast it on their blogs, because it drives traffic to their site. I often get annoyed when one posts a freebie on facebook, you click the link go to their page, then they make you click several other links, and you are scratching your head wondering where the hell the link is for the freebie they just advertised. YES, this has happened, matter of fact last night. A small post with about 100 words and 5 links, all 5 were to other posts on their site. I finally googled what I was looking for…

However, today a TRESemme freebie got leaked, this freebie was intended only for about 500 people. There are a ton of people on TRESemme’s facebook spewing their trash, don’t believe me? Read some of the remarks…

It wouldn’t be such a big deal – HOWEVER, now, they have people’s information. That’s the big problem!

Wow-Really??? Now you have my info and no free sample-WOOPS-YEAH RIGHT!!! YOu Suck!!!

Well I for one being already a fan of TRESemme BEFORE this was offered on YOUR FACEBOOK page find this in bad taste that you are not honoring the offer. When I saw that it came from,once again, YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND NOT SOME FREEBIE SITE I WAS THRILLED but I think I just might be going to Pantene North America or for that matter even Suave Beauty for my products now. :(

It wasn’t for a sample, it was a full size one! I’m not going to get upset, just wish I hadn’t given them my info. :(

Are you kidding me! So you loved TRESemme’s products before they were offering a “Free sample” and now that you are not getting your packet good for one washing, you are switching. Guess you weren’t so loyal after all. That is like saying “Hey we were once friends but since you didn’t answer the phone when I called at 3am you can go to hell”

AND do not get me started on the “oh now they have all my information” Well you were fine that they had your information when you thought you were going to get a free hair wash, now that you are not because you are not as loyal as you claim, it is bad because they have your information? Please! Give me a break, if you are this damn worried about giving our your information and not receiving free products, maybe you should stop being so damn cheap, and purchase your products, then you won’t have to worry about who has your information.

You gave your information out, YOU did, no one forced you to, you know the risks, now put on those big boy/girl panties, and act like an adult.

If you truly were a loyal customer, you will still be a loyal customer, even though you didn’t get your free hair washing. Hey look on the bright side you can always purchase one of those 20% more bottles, and get about 5 free hair washings. :)

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