18 Year Old Mother Shoots, and Kills Intruder

One thing I do before going to bed is I sit here and read the news. One thing caught my eye, the title read… “Teen Mom Shoots, Kills Intruder With 911 Dispatcher On The Phone“. Of course, I had to click over to read what this was about. It was about a young mom, who recently lost her husband to cancer. Two men were trying to break into her home, and she stayed calm, something I know I would have not been able to do. She went and made sure her son was safe, then she called 911, of course after getting her weapons.

I am sorry but if I was ever in this situation, I would do the same thing this young mom did, and I wouldn’t think twice about it. If you want to enter my home uninvited, you better expect me to protect my family, and I will shoot to kill. After reading this article, I googled the persons name that was left dead in this young moms living room.

I was beyond disgusted with one of the things that popped up… “Hero or out of control redneck?” Let’s get one thing straight you don’t have to live in the South to know that if someone is breaking into your home, you grab a weapon and take actions to protect your family. This author kept rambling about the age of the ladies husband, and how the killing was not justified. Can someone please explain to me how killing someone who has entered your home uninvited and is a threat to you and your family is not justified… This happened in the early morning hours, the guy was found with a knife in his hand… but this young mother didn’t have the right to protect herself and her child… BULL SHIT!

This person then goes on to state she was just looking for an opportunity to satisfy the bloodlust that many Southerners have… You have got to be kidding me, can we say racist!

I am a born and raised “Yankee”, but I have been a Southern Gal for the last 8 years of my life, I will always consider myself a southerner, and I think the remarks of this person, only shows his ignorance. He has the comments on this article closed, because I am sure he is worried about the lashback he will get from his article.

It honestly makes him look extremely ignorant, he keeps referring to the young girls husband’s age, like it is any of his business anyways.

This author feels the young lady should have simply waited for law enforcement to show up at her door and rescue her… PLEASE, the intruder was already in her home, he had a weapon, yet she was to wait until help arrived, this guy is a bigger idiot then I thought.

Let me tell you a little story, first off we own several weapons.. There were several times when we lived in Tennessee I had to call my husband home from work because there were people messing around. I always called the cops first, funny thing, my husband would get home from work before the police would arrive… Why is that? Because my husband was more concerned for his families safety then the police… Now I am not saying anything bad about the police, I am just stating facts.

Now if you were in this situation as this young mother, what would you do? Wait for the police, or take actions into your own hands… Remember the intruder is in your home, and your child is in the next room…

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  1. My thoughts on self-defense:

    I don’t know the facts of this case well enough to make an intelligent comment.

    I carry concealed. I compete in practical shooting contests under a great deal of stress. I know how to effectively defend myself and keep the possibility of injury to an uninvolved person to a minimum. I have, literally, gone through thousands of rounds of ammunition and spent countless hours learning to do this.

    I have already made the decision that I will pull the trigger and, potentially, maim or kill someone. This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I did not make this decision out of bravado or a desire to shoot someone. You have to have made that decision before you pick up the firearm and point it at someone.

    I am prepared to use deadly force to defend myself or others. I do not want to kill anyone. I do not want to hurt anyone. I will not use deadly force to defend property. I will, always, retreat when retreat is possible. I know, once I kill someone, justified or not, my life will be changed irrevocably. I do not want my life to change that way if there is any way I can prevent it.

    When it comes right down to it and I have no choice, I will pull the trigger and keep pulling it until my assailant doesn’t get up or the magazine is empty. Then do a combat reload.

    Know your local laws about the use of deadly force, before you decide to keep a firearm for protection.

    As far as the cops are concerned, when seconds count, they are just minutes away. It is well settled case law that the cops have no duty to protect you from anything.

    • Well said Mike. Although I have the weapons, I am not prepared. I will use them if need be, and I have to say I don’t think I would regret doing so. Yes, it would change my life forever, but in my heart I would know I did what needed to be done to protect my family.

      And you are very correct about the cops. When only seconds count they are minutes away. I lived closer to the police station, then my husbands work, and he was there first…

      • If you are interested, look up your local gun club. Most have practical shooting matches involving pistols and/or rifles sponsored by IPSC or USPSC. These are well managed, regulated and almost 100% safe (nothing is 100%).

        Often they teach intro classes to practical shooting. They take a couple of hours and teach you a lot.

        If nothing else, watching the matches will give you an idea what is involved a real life situation…

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I was born and raised in the deep south–much of that in Texas–and I resent that writer’s stereotyping. I have more than one college degree. My son will graduate medical school in May. I don’t own a gun. Three of the most “redneck” people I have ever met were “yankees”–two from New York, one from Massachusetts.
    As I understand the story, this guy wasn’t merely entering her home uninvited–he was kicking her door! I agree with you completely that she did the right thing. Wait for the police? She had the dispatcher on the phone, so, presumably, the police were on their way–but the man was kicking her door NOW! I was a single mom in my early twenties with a toddler after my husband died. When you have a small child–much less an infant–you can’t just climb out a window and run in a situation as immediate as the one she faced. She did what she had to do.

    • I agree with you Mary, I think for this person to stereotype the ones in the South is just plan ignorant. Also from my understanding he entered her home with force, and he checked all doors. If someone is breaking in my home, I am not going to jump out my window and run with a child at those hours, hell who new how many more people were on the lookout. I honestly think what pissed this person off that was so judgmental was the fact this 18 year old was with an older man.

      This person made mention of this a few different times in the article. I am sure if it wasn’t an 18 yer old female his article would have went a bit different. Frankly, I don’t care if you are 16 or 106, male or female, if someone is breaking in your home, you have to do what you have to, to protect yourself, and your possessions, and if that means kill the intruder you kill the intruder.

  3. Right now, I imagine his accomplice is learning all about the felony-murder laws and that he will have to serve time for murder…

  4. I don’t have a weapon so I would have to hide and wait. But if I had one and someone was trying to kill me, of course I would kill them first!

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