If I Get 750 Likes I Will Post A Giveaway

Lately, I have been noticing something more and more on facebook, and to be honest I think it is irritating a lot of people not just myself. I have been seeing many bloggers pull that “If I can get so many likes and so many shares I will post a new giveaway”… First off, unless this “giveaway” is sponsored by them, they have to post it anyways, and the longer they hold off on posting it the more irritated the sponsor will get.

Another one I have noticed is “Can you please like this post is you see it, many people have been stating they can not see my facebook statuses” hmm maybe because they have this part of your facebook on ignore, because of all the lame “like this and I will post a giveaway post”

And don’t forget the “can you please click the link and tell me if you can see it, I am having trouble seeing the post”

Come on bloggers! Are you that desperate for clicks and likes… I know you get paid by the page load and all but by misleading your readers, and the companies that pay you for the page loads, is so damn tacky.

I am almost to the point where I will be hitting the unlike button, because if you need 750 likes, and 250 shares to post a giveaway that 20 bloggers have already posted… then you are just wasting my time.

If you are a blogger that does any of the mentioned things in the above, you may want to rethink before you hit the send button. You obviously new what you were doing to get your readership/facebook fans up there. Don’t watch them all fall back to nothing because you got greedy.

So a little advise from me to you, and it is FREE… Be yourself, and stop conning people into liking/sharing your posts. If it is a good post it will get liked and shared on its own.

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  1. I’ve already started dropping FB pages from my like list for this crap. You know the old saying, “Don’t Pi** on my foot and tell me it’s raining”? That’s how I feel when I see people trying to pull this stuff. They must really think lowly of their readers’ intelligence to try this stuff. And, frankly, I don’t need to support anyone’s blog (no matter how amazing the prize might be) if they believe I’m stupid enough to click that like button or link because I truly think they need the likes before they’re allowed to post a giveaway!

    • Well said! I have slowly started to back away from entering giveaways, and when I start needing bloggers to help me promote, I will be selecting those that don’t think they are God to the blogging world. I made sure when I unliked this one lady today, that she was the winner of the first person I unliked due to the post… she was like give me 100 likes and we will do a flash giveaway, a bit later and no likes… she posts Really you don’t want a flash giveaway? WOW… I mean can we all say disrespectful. People amaze me.

  2. Thank you!!! I have written pretty much this exact post over and over again in my head. I am a blogger and this new trickery really irritates me. A LOT. I want to story other blogs, but this practice makes me unlike them!!

    I will SOOOO be sharing your post! Thanks for voicing the opinion of many including myself!

    • Your very welcome, I thought long and hard before hitting that post button, since I do enter a lot of giveaways, and I know this can be taken in a very negative way to those bloggers that this is directed towards, and I can see them “banning” me from their giveaways. However, I had to express myself, and if I get banned from giveaways it will prove this post to be that much more true. Since I started blogging almost 3 years ago things have changed a lot… a lot of bloggers doing more for them then the companies they claim to love and are promoting.

  3. Amen to both of you ladies

  4. This is similar to the other thing I hate: If you follow me I follow back! or If you want me to follow you, let me know.
    Uhm, I want you to follow me, because you think what I have to say is interesting/relevant/funny/whatever to you or because you like me. D’uh!

    Good one.


    • That is how a lot of people got their numbers so high… twitter/facebook/google friends… Because they pay to be in those big giveaways, or those like you back events. This is very misleading to the sponsors. They didn’t get those numbers because they are well liked, they got those numbers because they had some money to purchase them. Big difference!

  5. I am SO with you on this one!

  6. Jill A. Collins says:

    You know, I’ve seen ALOT of this lately and quite honestly I do not want to see anything desperately enough to give them 500 likes and 40000 shares before I see it. If bloggers want to show it to me, show it to me since that is why I follow a page – to see what’s new. Not to play the I have a secret and I’ll tell you if you do this for me game. I would just read these posts and 99% of the time move on. Bloggers promise their sponsors to share information about their product and company, so I figure I will see it sooner or later anyway. I truly had no idea the bloggers actually got paid for these clicks, so now it irritates me even more. Guess it’s time to start just deleting these pages from my newsfeed. No one likes being deceived for someone else’s gain.

    • Most the time not the clicks, but the pageloads. It is misleading to the companies that they are working with. When a blogger goes to a company to ask about a review, most the time the company wants to know their numbers, well by pulling these facebook stunts it boosts their pageloads. It also helps them when they have affiliates on their sites that pay them based on page loads.

      Bloggers are losing confidence in their readers, thus trying to make them look like idiots. I just learned several are liking/sharing these posts because they think it is their entry into the giveaway when infact it is not!

  7. I see that you don’t understand why people do this. It’s to get more exposure for the giveaway. You don’t have to like the post or the page if you don’t want to participate, but to condemn those that do is wrong. Just my 2 cents.

    • I understand completely… When a blogger posts “if I get so many likes and so many shares I will post a giveaway”, it is conning their readers to like/share a status in order to get a giveaway. It is sort of like blackmail… Unless this giveaway is blogger sponsored then it doesn’t matter how many likes/shares they received… THEY HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO POST THE GIVEAWAY… Yes, I said they have an obligation… it is an agreement between them and the sponsor.

      lol @ it’s to get more exposure to the giveaway! You honestly, expect me to believe that… It is to gain more exposure to your site, not the giveaway… I care not how you try to gain exposure to your blog, but it is very tacky to post things such as what I mentioned above… it shows the blogger as desperate to get in those page loads, and as you can tell from the comments, a lot of those entering giveaways feel the same way, and are doing the same unliking the pages.

      Have a great day :)

    • LMAOO! Are you serious? I mean really serious? Everyone totally understands why people are doing this…It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here. Just like everyone said the giveaways have to go up not matter what if they are sponsored. So whats the point in making someone like a stupid post before it even goes live. I would love to hear what sponsors have to say about this. The job of the blogger is to get exposure AFTER THE REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY ARE POSTED…NOT TO POST OOO I AM HAVING A GIVEAWAY LIKE IF U WANT TO ENTER OR THAT STUPID 2000 likes and I will post a giveaway crap.

      But then again you have bloggers that pay for followers and traffic also LOL..So yea I am not shocked with anything bloggers do anymore. It’s actually sad that bloggers have got this competitive and money hungry.

      • In the almost 4 years I have been blogging, it truly is sad to see bloggers do the things they do. Sends the wrong message to companies… “hey look they got 10k facebook fans, and 20k twitter followers, they must really rock…” No, they actually bought into a big giveaway and paid for them, chances are most of those followers, no longer are active on facebook or twitter.

        Oh well, enough said I will be unliking the ones I see post things like this, and from the looks of several others they will be as well. Once these bloggers start seeing their numbers go down, maybe they will start rewording their statuses a bit better…

        I mean a status like “Who is ready for a giveaway! I have one going live in so many minutes!!!” Would be better than like this and once I get this many likes/shares I will post.

        Two words come to mind, power ego, and greedy.

  8. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says:

    I feel that Bloggers are trying many things to deal with Facebook’s new Edgerank and Insight tools. Did you know if you don’t get Facebook interaction and people “Talking” about your page….you are not even getting your content seen? Your post is only going out to a handful of your fans (unless they subscribe to all your updates) if your Facebook interaction is low? I want to just post my giveaways and pictures on Facebook as I have in the past in a way that you wouldn’t think was spammy Jammie, but without High interaction only 100+ of my 5500 fans are seeing the post. WITH High Facebook interaction (built over time with various Facebook posts that encourage interaction), 1150+ of my fans see any given Facebook post. That’s why some bloggers are doing this “Like” and “Share” thing. It gets their interaction scores up, so their Facebook Edgerank goes up and then their REAL posts can be seen. KWIM?
    Many bloggers make a living from their blog. It’s business. Of course every action they take must be considered for its LONG and Short term effects. And Yes…some of the Facebook fans actually like to “Like” and “Share” and know about things ahead of time. Do you really think someone would get 100s of Likes and Shares if their fans didn’t like it? But it is a Free country…if you want to unlike a page..do so. I know many bloggers are trying to find a good balance between their fans and the need to be seen by them.
    Just my explanation of why it’s being done. By the way, your post above has a number of spelling errors and Grammatical errors which you may want to fix.

    • I never said it was spammy! It is very tacky to make people like/share your status in order to to put up a giveaway YOU HAVE TO PUT UP ANYWAYS… you can call it how you want, I am calling it like I see it, and like several others see it… TACKY… and I like all my Grammatical errors it’s what makes me different and unique from the rest, and no I won’t be “fixing” them. I never claim to be perfect when it comes to grammar. So trying to turn the tables, won’t work. Trust me I have seen worse blogs with more errors then my own.

      Everyone has a right to their opinions, I am voicing mine on my blog, anything wrong with that? Nope I pay my hosting bill…

      • Hmm..didn’t think I was being confrontational. I was just offering my explanation which you didn’t address. Sorry about the mention of spelling and grammar. Didn’t realize that was part of your style. Yes, you can voice your own opinion, especially on your own. I was just commenting with my thoughts. You might want to reconsider dropping the link for this post on other people’s facebook pages though (as you have been doing)–they might see that as tacky too.

        The reality is that your Facebook posts are not being seen these days and many bloggers are trying out different methods to try to increase EDGERANK. Okay, I got that you think it’s tacky to ask for LIKES AND SHARES. But if you go to your Facebook page, you have no interaction going on at all as is evidenced by the lack of existence of “People talking about this”. So it’s a real catch22 for me anyway.

        • I posted it on ONE bloggers page to show her what others are viewing those as… and this whole like/share thing was going on before facebook changed the way they do things… I understand all the facebook things. It’s the fact that they are making their readers like/share things before they will even post a giveaway, that 80% of the time they have to post anyways due to their agreement with the sponsor.

          Bloggers are really missing the point, they are causing a lot of confusion to those entering the giveaways, I seen a few yesterday where the ones liking/sharing thought that was their way to enter the giveaway… very misleading.

          There is no interaction on my facebook page, because I do it all on my personal facebook page, not my blog fan page.

        • I make money from my blogs as a living and I don’t have to resort to tactics like that. Nor will I pay for my blog to be part of those big giveaways and I seem to be doing just find. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it ethical or the right thing to do.

  9. I agree Lisa! People are reading into this post the wrong way, getting people hyped up for a giveaway is a lot different then making them like/share in order for one to post the giveaway. This had been bugging me and I know a lot of other bloggers for awhile now, and I had to post. I am so glad to see I am not a lone on this issue. Have a great night.

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