Being Sick Stinks!

I went to the doctor today to see what the x-rays on my knees show. While there I also got treated for being sick. First, I will tell you what is going on with my knees. I have this little thing called Arthorisis in both knees. Yup, both knees. Yay me. Come to find out knee problems run in the family.

She also listened to my lungs, she said they sound really bad. They cannot blame it on smoking this time, been 3.5 years almost since I quit. They were so bad she gave me a steroid injection right then, and there. She then prescribed me an inhaler, as well as some good ol antibiotics, which are tearing my stomach up as we speak.

I know when we move back to TN I am going to miss my DR, I have never meet a DR like her. They treat everyone so good, she even quickly seen my daughter so I didn’t have to take her to readycare to be seen.

Hopefully the new medicine she gave me for my knees will help me some, I know I have to get to losing weight, so I can take off some weight from my knees. I have read up a bit on Arthosis, and from the looks of things it will only get worse. Getting old sucks, being fat sucks, and being sick sucks.

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