Date Night and Over Coming The Obstacle

sitter scoutWe all know having adult time is a must. However, often times we do not take out those few hours a week for date night. Often times we are either to worn out from the week, or just don’t have a dependable sitter. SitterScout makes date night easy to plan. I don’t know how many times, my husband and I have tried to go do something just the two of us, and had our sitter cancel at the last minute.

You maybe wonder what exactly is SitterScout. SitterScout makes it easier for you to Schedule your babysitters. It is an online/mobile phone that will work with your smartphone and computer to help schedule a babysitter. Once you sign up for SitterScout, you will have an area to add babysitters to, this can only be seen by you. You then will choose which babysitters you would like to contact, SitterScout will send the message letting those on your contact list know you are needing a babysitter. At this time, they can send a text message back with accepting or declining. Once the sitter does accept the parent or the one looking for the sitter will also get a text message letting them know they found a sitter.

Please keep in mind this is NOT a place for you to find a babysitter. It is a place for you to add your existing sitters. Making it easier to schedule a sitter.

Some of the philosophy’s of SitterScout is that parents can be better parents, if they are happy, and we all know a happy parent is one that gets breaks from their children. Yes, we love our kids, but let’s get honest we need adult time every so often or we will go crazy.

You can learn more about SitterScout and their philosophy’s on their about page.



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