Does Brand Name Matter With Fabric Softener?

I have always purchased the cheaper fabric softener. To be honest, I thought it was silly to pay higher prices for other brands, I assumed it all worked the same… BOY was I wrong. I recently used my amazon gift card on some household items, you know dish liquid, fabric softener, laundry detergent, and some dryer sheets.

The fabric softener I ordered was Gain, the reason being I got a really good deal on it. Yea it was a bit more than in the store, but I didn’t have sales tax and I was using a gift card I had earned so no big deal. I have been using the Gain fabric softener for the past few days, and let me tell you, I WILL NEVER use the cheaper stuff again. Why? The scent doesn’t stick in the clothes long, and well I am having to use double to get the smell to stay in for a little while. With Gain my whole house smells fresh, one thing I love about doing laundry is the fact it makes the house smell good. I dislike the folding and taking care of part.

In the long run, Gain isn’t more than the cheaper stuff, because you have to use double of the cheaper stuff, and you still do not have the same results.

I use to be only about Gain detergent as well, however, we are currently going through a financial bind, so… I will be using the cheaper stuff. Now if I can find a good deal, and get stocked up I will be for sure purchasing Gain detergent. I have always loved Gain, and was super excited when I seen they had a dish liquid.

I will always be a Gain supporter, I sometimes wish it was a bit cheaper though. What brand do you trust the most when it comes to cleaning your clothes?

I was not paid to write this post, I wrote this post because Gain is a product I love and trust. Gain has know knowledge of this post.

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